A BIM graduate commands a vital role in the information management of any organization they are enrolled in to. Being a Software Engineering with managerial insights, s/he is expected to provide crucial support to all functional areas as well as for strategic management. S/he, in particular, is expected to play a key role in the MIS function of the organization which of course a BIM student is more than qualified for. With the completion of the BIM program provides the students will be exposed to a wide variety and choices of employment opportunities and further degrees. BIM program provides the students with manifold future prospects for advance studies and rewarding employment.

In addition, BIM graduates can find jobs in almost every work arena. The diversity of opportunities that exists for them include Software Engineers, Programmers/Analysts, System designers, Network managers, Database Managers and Trainers/Instructors among others. On the other hand, the graduates aspiring for advanced education have significant advantages. Four years of study of the comprehensive syllabus helps them to get straight entry into the Master Degree Program in any of the recognized universities worldwide. S/he can opt for a MBA program in MIS or other areas in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems.

Curricular Information

Affiliation: Tribhuvan University
Program Duration: 4 years
Total Credit Hours: 126
Eligibility: Students who have passed 10+2 or PCL examinations from recognized academic institute with second division (securing 45% and above) or 1.8 CGPA and minimum grade 'D+' in all the subjects of 11 and 12 are eligible to enroll in this program.