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Balaju School of Engineering and Technology

Balaju, Kathmandu


Balaju School of Engineering and Technology (BSET) was established in 1962 with technical and financial assistance of the Swiss government with the aim of producing skilled industrial workforce to serve the growing needs of established industries in the country. BSET is a pioneering technical and vocational training institute functioning under CTEVT umbrella. It was previously well known as Mechanical Training Center (MTC) and Balaju Technical Training Center (BTTC). 

At present, this school is offering skill oriented 29 months(Pre SLC program) and 18 months(Post SLC program) long term Technical School Leaving Certificate (TSLC) course in three major trades- Mechanical, Electrical and Sanitation and Diploma level course in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Opthalmic Science. 

BSET also offers skill upgrading training (modular course) for the career development of its TSLC graduates. Furthermore, BSET has rich experience and expertise in conducting short term skill development training as per the need of labor market. A job placement unit has been established to assess the employers and employability of BSET graduates. As a trailblazer technical training institute of the country it has good public relation with stakeholders in the market. Many of BSET graduates are now working in reputed designation in public and private organization.



  • To establish itself as the center of excellence to produce competent work force in various technological area


  • To impart absolutely employable skills to produce basic and middle level technical workforce for the Industries

Salient Features

Attachment to industry: 

Skilled and competent manpower are developed in different trades(sectors) able to work safely to create quality products in industries. BSET also develops the rapport with the industries for the continuation of On the Job Training(OJT) every year. Following are some leading industries in this regards:

  • Surya Nepal 
  • Unilever Ltd.
  • Bottlers Nepal
  • Sipradi
  • Hotel Hyatt
  • CE Metal
  • Lumbini Electrical Engg. Fabrication Pvt.
  • Dairy Development Corporation
  • Hyonjan Electric Engg. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nepa top Organisation
  • Grande International Hospital
  • Nepal Ekrat Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Machhapuchhere Metal and Machinery works
  • Panchakanya metal industries
  • Maharjan Metal Industries


BSET also develops the relationship with some international partner organizations and has good relation with the international and national organizations.

Trailor – made courses:

Listed below are some organizations to whom we’ve conducted the trainings previously:

  • Employment Fund/Helvetas
  • Skill Development Project (SDP/ADB)
  • GIZ, German
  • KAAA, Pokhara
  • PPPUE, Nepal
  • Event
  • Lumanti
  • Sana Kishan Bikash Bank
  • Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Short Courses:

Market oriented short courses are planned and offered by the school as well as designed and conduct on request by person and user agencies. The planned short courses are listed below:

Level 1:

  1. Building Electrician - 390 Hours
  2. Solar Electric Technician - 390 Hours
  3. Industrial Electrician - 390 Hours
  4. Junior Plumber - 390 Hours
  5. Shuttering Carpenter - 390 Hours
  6. Construction Carpenter - 390 Hours
  7. Welder (Arc/TIG/MIG) - 390 Hours
  8. Structural Fabricator - 390 Hours
  9. Aluminium Fabricator - 390 Hours

Level 2:

  1. Building Electrician
  2. Solar Electric Technician
  3. Household Plumber
  4. Structural Fabricator
  5. Aluminium Fabricator
  6. Mechanical Fitter

Admission Guidelines

Admission Process are according to the rules of CTEVT.


Scholarships are provided as per the provision and rules of CTEVT.

  • Established 1962 AD
  • constituent Institution
  • 01-4350213, 01-4350214, 01-4350228


Nepal Banepa Polytechnic Institute
Nepal Banepa Polytechnic Institute
  • Banepa 2, Banepa, Kavrepalanchok