Pre-Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Sub-overseer)

Pre-Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Sub-overseer)

2 years 5 months

Pre-Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Sub-overseer)  is designed to produce competent workforce equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the field of mechanical engineering. This curriculum focuses on basic mechanical skills and knowledge related to mechanical engineering to be used in related mechanical workshop and industries.  

This curriculum includes skills and knowledge related to disciplinary subjects like Mechanical Fitting & Maintenance, GMAW and GTAW (TIG/MIG), Bench work, Engineering drawing, lathe operation, material science, welding technology, computer aided drafting, milling and shaping operation, structural fabrication. This course also imparts the skills on computer application and entrepreneurship development.

This course also includes on the job training (OJT) so as to provide exposure of the world of work. 


The aim of the programme is to produce mechanical sub-overseer equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes in related occupation and make them able to perform their job independently and accurately.


After the completion of the training program the graduates will be able to:

  • Perform basic mechanical works carried out in mechanical workshops.
  • Perform basic computer applications
  • Perform mechanical drawings/drafting.
  • Design and perform sheet metal, steel and aluminum fabrications.
  • Operate lathe, milling and shaping machines.
  • Repair and maintain mechanical devices

Salient Features

Course Duration: This course will be completed within 18 months (40 hrs/week X 39 weeks a year = 1560 hrs.) class plus 6 months (40 hrs/week X 24 weeks = 960 hrs. on the job training (OJT). 

Group size:

The group size will be maximum 40 (forty) in a batch.

Medium of Instruction:

The medium of instruction will be in English and/or Nepali language.

Pattern of Attendance:

The students should have minimum 90% attendance in theory classes and practical/performance to be eligible for internal assessments and final examinations.  


Individuals with following criteria will be eligible for this program:

  • Should have passed SEE
  • Should pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT
  • Final selection will be made on the basis of merit list.

Job Prospects

The graduate will be eligible for the position equivalent to Non-gazetted 2nd class/level 4 (technical) as Mechanical Sub-Overseer or as prescribed by the Public Service Commission. The graduate is eligible for registration with the related professional council in the grade as mentioned in the council act (if any).