Lahan Technical School

Lahan-10, Lahan, Siraha


Lahan Technical School is located in Grahmin Chowk, 10, Lahan, Siraha. The school with Collaboration with Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye Hospital, Lahan, launched the Diploma in Ophthalmology program.

The School covers a total land area of 9.478 hectors. The school has been conducted under Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT).

Lahan Technical School was established in the year 2039 B.S. with the belief that skill and effort are the essential elements for an all-round development of a country, the school has ascertained its aim to produce technically skilled workforce of basic and middle level necessary for the uplift of the status of the community and the country. 


Skilled human resource is the capital of production and means of economic prosperity of nation.


Increase employment and self-employment through development of skilled human resource for contribution of economic prosperity of nation.

Goals/ Objectives:

  1. Produce basic and middle level highly skilled workers in the field of agriculture, livestock, civil engineering and general mechanics.
  2. Supply competent Nepalese technicians to national and international labor markets.

  • Established 2039 B.S
  • constituent Institution
  • 033-560015