Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science)

Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science)

3 years

Diploma in agriculture program aims to produce mid-level agriculture/veterinary technicians to fulfill the demand of nation and agro-veterinary technology transformation to the farmers.

Diploma in Agriculture is three year program which is a hands on three year program which prepares students to manage a farm or work in an agricultural business. Courses cover everything from agricultural production to marketing and business management. Students will develop the communication and leadership skills needed to thrive in the industry whether in marketing and financial services, livestock and crop supply, crop management, agricultural merchandising, or managing a farm.

CTEVT has been conducting annex program in most of the high schools and currently, Nepal Government is going to launch plus 2 levels for agro-vet technicians in academically potential high schools from class 9. For effective running these programs, agro-vet technicians are highly encouraged and demanded.


The aim of this course is to produce mid-level human resources equipped with knowledge and skills in agriculture and allied subjects.


  • to provide technical knowledge and skills in different aspects of agriculture, horticulture and plant protection with community development and entrepreneurship
  • to produce quality human resources to provide technical and managerial services in public and private agriculture sector
  • to develop competency in agriculture related enterprises
  • to provide extensive field based experiences to meet specific and growing needs of different agriculture and horticulture stakeholders 

Salient Features

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction will be in English and/or Nepali.

Course Duration

The duration of the course will be of three years. The first year course is termed as core course and the second and third year courses as applied course. One academic year consists of maximum of 39 academic weeks. In this 39 weeks student will attend at internal theory, practical classes and final exam. Rest of 13 week they will go for summer/ winter and other festival vacation and one academic week consists of maximum of 40 hours. 

Group Size: 

40 students in one batch 

Pattern of Attendance

The students should secure at least 90 percent of attendance during the course in the classroom and 95 percent attendance at the fieldwork to appear in annual and final examinations. 

Grading System

The following grading system will be adopted: 

  • Distinction: 80% and above
    First division: 65% to below 80% 
  • Pass division: 40% in theory and 60% in practical 


The council for technical education and vocational training will award certificates in "Diploma in Agriculture" to the candidates who successfully complete the requirements as prescribed by the CTEVT. 


Secured at least grade C in any two subjects i.e. Compulsory Mathematics, Compulsory Science or English and D+ in the remaining subject in School leaving Certificate (SLC) examination from recognized academic institution.

Admission Criteria

The entry criteria are:

  • School Leaving Certificate (SLC) with second division.
  • Entrance examination will be organized to test the entry qualification of students, which will be administered by the CTEVT.
  • Final selection will be made on the basis of merit list. Student quota for different categories should be fixed as per CTEVT policies.

Candidates will submit the following documents at the time of application:

  • SLC passed certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Citizenship certificate (only for the verification of students name, parent's name, age, date of birth and address)  

Job Prospects

Potential fields are available for veterinary clinical practice. Employment opportunity will be seen in GON, NARC, INGO/NGO, commercial bank/development bank viz, Nepal bank, ADB/N and abroad

Curricular Structure