Sumnima Polytechnic Institute

Sumnima Polytechnic Institute


Sumnima Polytechnic Institute is located in Bhojpur. It has an affiliation with CTEVT. It offers Diploma program in Civil Engineering and Agriculture and the seats available are 48 and 40 respectively.


Sumnima Polytechnical has well-qualified and experienced faculty that provide job-oriented and value-added courses to students. It allows students to receive on-the-job training. SPI's certificate is accepted all over the world.


Salient Features

  • Study the subject you love and open up more choices, opportunities, and experiences every day at college
  • TVET programs offered by SPI  have a variety of excellent opportunities to prepare you for the workforce.
  • The well-equipped practical lab and training courses provide industry-standard environments.
  • The place to seek expert advice on CV writing, interview technique, and job hunting.
  • TVET programs provide you with the skills, knowledge, and self-confidence to continue your education after the Diploma Course.
  •  All students can advance to the next level with us, all the way up to the degree level and we are confident that you will complete your degree with us.

  • public Institution
  • 9852052256, 029-420716