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Recognitions and Accreditation

The Rapti Technical School (R.T.S) was established in 2050 BS, is a constituent school of CTEVT committed to produce competent mid-level workforce in agriculture, health and construction sector.

It has a outstanding school management committee consisting of 9 members including a chairperson who are governed by the chief district officer. Its main target is to produce 1000 mid level qualified workforce per year.

Diploma program offered by this technical school is I.Sc Agriculture, along with Diploma in Civil Engineering, Animal and Plant Science, and in Ophthalmic Science. It also offers pre-diploma courses in CMA, Civil Engineering, and Plant Science.


            ”Center of excellence” to produce skill work force  in province no 5.


            Produce competent skill workforce for global Market.


  1. Produced qualified graduates in construction sector.
  2. Enhance quality and competent assistant level health worker in RTS.
  3. Develop model school in agriculture for province 5.
  4. Ensure 90% outcome through quality technical Education & Vocational Training by 2023.

Role of R.T.S: 

           R.T.S. plays an important role in sustainable development in following ways:

  • Providing technical education and vocational training for poverty reduction.
  • Helps in increasing the per capita income by self employment.
  • Helps in managing the unemployed youths to become skilled human resource.
  • Helps in production for fresh as well as hygienic organic and inorganic food.
  • Organizing different programs related to decreasing of child mortality and Maternal mortality rate.


  1. To improve quality of agriculture education.
  2. To aware local community with latest/appropriate technology.
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Salient features

This school has been able to build itself as role model school in whole of TVET sector. 

  • Programs Running in R.T.S with following capacity Diploma in Animal Science : Capacity of 40 students
  • Diploma in Plant Science : Capacity of 40 students 
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering : Capacity of 48 students
  • PCL in Ophthalmic Science : Capacity of 40 students
  • TSLC in CMA : Capacity of 40 students 
  • TSLC in Medical Lab: Capacity of 40 students
  • TSLC in Construction: Capacity of 40 students
  • TSLC in Surveying: Capacity of 40 students
  • PJTA: Capacity of 40 students

With it’s more than ten hectares of land, the School has following facilities: 

  • Well managed students hostel with 100 beds and canteen 
  • Fabulous staff quarters with spacious area for kitchen garden
  • Well-equipped Laboratories and Workshop
  • Library
  • Guest house 
  • Fabulous Livestock Farm comprising of Dairy, Poultry, Piggery, Sheep and Goat sections 
  • Horticultural Farm and Orchard 
  • Human and veterinary Clinic 
  • Private water source

Message from College

Kulraj Chaudhary picture

Mr. Kulraj Chaudhary

Vice Prinicpal

Rapti technical School is located 6 km west from Bhalubang and 19 km east form Lamahi ,Rapti Gaunpalika ward number 3 Deukhuri . East west highway Mahendrarajmarg Road met point link to pitch road. Natural Peace Placed RTS is a vibrant dynamic Institute which was establish BS 2050 funded by ADB through CTEVT. It has mainly two types of program: 1. Technical education program is long term course. 2. Vocational training program is short term course. This institute products mid level to skilled level manpower coordinating curriculum of CTEVT on demand of village, community, National /Global markets . Currently in long term courses are conducted serially JTA/JT/CMA/Sub overseer/ Amine/ OA/Civil Engineering Diploma/ Plant Diploma/ Vet. Diploma etc . In the vocational trainingcourse conducted serially Mason/Carpentry/ Tile fixer/ Plumping/ Building electrical/ CAA/ CLA/VHAW/ Mushroom/Building painting / Cycle mechanic/ Motorcycle mechanic/ Tailoring /Cook /Beautici
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