Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Diploma in Automobile Engineering

3 years

Automobile engineering is a sub branch of mechanical engineering. Course for the Diploma in Automobile Engineering shall extend over a period of three academic years, consisting of 6 semesters

Automobile engineering is an applied science that includes elements of Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering and Safety engineering as applied to the design, manufacture and operation of automobiles, buses and trucks and their respective engineering subsystems.

Diploma in Automobile engineering program aims to develop students' skills to become Automobile Engineers for the monitoring, supervision, designing, research and development as well as control of motor vehicle production processes.

Programme objectives:

This curriculum has following objectives to:

  • Produce middle level competent workforce in the field of automobile engineering.
  • Prepare such technicians who are able to work in the automobile sector related local workshop and industrial settings of the country.
  • Prepare such technical workforce who will demonstrate positive attitude and respect for
  • the profession and socio-cultural values.
  • Help meet the demand of such technical workforce for the automobile industries of Nepal.
  • Reduce the dependence on employing such technicians from foreign countries.

Salient Features

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction will be in English and/or Nepali.

Course Duration

The total duration of this curricular program is three years. Each year consists of two semesters of six months each. 

Pattern of Attendance

Minimum of 90% attendance in each subject is required to appear in the respective final examination. 

Pass Marks

The students must secure minimum of 40% marks both in theory and practical (Lab). Moreover, the students must secure minimum of 40% marks in the internal assessment and 40% in the final semester examination of each subject to pass all subjects offered in each semester. 

Grading System

The overall achievement of each student will be measured by a final aggregate percentage of all final semester examinations and graded as follow: - 

Marks division: 

  • Distinction : > or =80 % 
  • First division : 65 % to < 80 % 
  • Second division : 50 % to 65 % 
  • Pass : 40 % to < 50 % 

Certificate Award

  1. Students who have passed all the components of all subjects of all six semesters are considered to have successfully completed the course. 
  2. Students who have successfully completed the course will be awarded with a degree of Diploma in Automobile Engineering


Secured at least grade C in Compulsory Mathematics, and Compulsory Science and Grade D+ in English in School leaving Certificate (SLC) examination from recognized academic institution.

Admission Criteria

Entry criteria:

Should submit SLC or equivalent certificate

Should pass entrance examination as administered by CTEVT

Selection: Applicants fulfilling the entry criteria will be selected for admission on the basis of merit. 

Job Prospects

The graduates will be eligible for the position equivalent to non-gazetted 1st class (technical) as automobile technician or as prescribed by the Public Service Commission of Nepal. The graduate will be eligible for registration with the related council in the grade as mentioned in the related council act (if any). 

Curricular Structure