Job ready courses in top colleges of Nepal with upto 2 lakhs* scholarship.

​National Creative Co-educational School

Banshidhar Marg, Kathmandu

NCCS believes in the development of a positive outlook and change in the attitude of the student. This school and its capable and experienced faculty members are trying to achieve this target. We spend time, money, energy, to mold and nurture students, culturally, physically, socially, and psychologically in order to serve others, society, the country. NCSS finds happiness and joy in the service of the country by crafting noble and worthy citizens for our motherland.


National Creative Co-educational School (NCCS) aims to make the students understand the meaning of education and induce them to read and learn the subjects in a pleasant, social and homely atmosphere.

At National Creative Co-educational School (NCCS), education is provided in a stimulating, challenging but caring atmosphere by the selected expert and friendly teachers. 

"Achievement for all through the pursuit of excellence" is the motto of the school.  The aim of the school is to make our students self-sustained, independent, capable, and moral citizens of our country.