TSLC in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Sub-overseer) - CTEVT

TSLC in Electrical Engineering is a 2 years program. After 2 years students have to attend 5 months on the job training (OJT). 

This course is based on the job required to perform by a basic level electrical technician as an electrical sub-overseer. This program offers 100% absolutely general electrical courses. The fundamental subjects related to electrical engineering such electrical installation, motor installation and control, power transmission and distribution, basic electronics, repair and maintenance, electro-technology, Engineering Drawing, Entrepreneurships Development and
Computer Application are offered to produce basic level competent electrical engineering work force.

The program is designed on the basis of 20% theory and 80% practical classes. The provision of On-the- Job Training (OJT) is included to establish a linkage with employers and provide hands on work experience to students and promote employability of graduates. 


  1. To produce competent work force in electrical engineering able to provide services in different community.
  2. To produce such human resources through institutional training program followed by "On the job training (OJT)", providing sufficient skill needed in "The World of Work". The trainees will get maximum experience & exposure in related subject.
  3. This program will aim at producing capable electrical work force, who will be able to be an entrepreneur, or employed in Assistant Electrical Sub–engineer or Electrical overseer or equivalent post in national and international market of electrical field. 

After the completion of the training program the trainees will be able to:

• Familiarize with basic electrical engineering
• Install basic electricity
• Perform basic electrical functions
• Repair and maintain electrical devices and machines.
• Find fault in electrical system's appliances and machines.
• Repair and maintain faults of electrical system
• Perform simple calculation related to electrical works.
• Familiarize with electrical and electronics components related with electrical system
• Familiarize with basic computer and computerized drawing system

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Eligibility: Test Pass.