Nepal Mega College

Nepal Mega College, situated at Babarmahal, Kathmandu, is a leading academic institution of higher learning founded by senior professors, excellent faculty members, and the passionate group of educationists with an aim of imparting value based education to the aspiring youth. Team Mega is committed to the objective of earnest pursuit of academic excellence.

Nepal Mega College is offering plus two in Science, Management, Humanities, BBS, BSW, BAMCJ (Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism), MBS, MA Rural Development.

Nepal Mega College emphasizes on equipping its students with highly regarded qualifications, skills and experiences that will fulfill their career aspirations and enrich their future lives, preparing them for the challenges they will face in the years to come. Nepal Mega College has a dedicated team of teachers who are innovative, young at heart, and specialized in their field. They have stood the test of time. So, the college places the high credence on the teachers, who have the ability to inspire and lead by example. They provide students with such stimulating environment that from the moment they step through the door, they are being prepared for thier long term goal. i.e. better future.

In nut shell, Nepal Mega College provides the most serene environment, making it an ideal place for studies, and offer tremendous facilities to the students unmatchable by similar institutions.

Contact Address.

Nepal Mega College
GPO Box: 13325
Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Salient features

Why to Join Nepal Mega College?

At Nepal Mega College, you have the opportunity to learn and shape your own future. We are here to provide you the right support and direct you to your golden future.

  1. Attendance and Academic Progress
    To obtain good results, students must attend classes regularly and do their assignments with utmost sincerity. Nepal Mega College is very serious in matter of academic activities.
  2. Teaching Methodology
    A combination of lectures, group discussions, and problem solving exercises, guest lectures, practical works and field works will be used as approaches to learning. Classrooms, along with seminar halls are well equuipped and well furnished for the implementation of these practices. 

Evaluation System

The College Conducts unit tests, two terminal examinations and then pre-board before their final Exams. Progress reports of the students are dispensed in presence of parents or responsible guardian.

Intensive Classes

Those students who are unable to meet the academic standard are placed on academic probation. They will be provided with extra intensive classes before their entry into the final Exam.

Student Counseling

Nepal Mega College gives equal importance to the student counseling in order to motivate them toward their long term goal and inspire them to study.

Extra-curricular Activities

To develop the multi dimensional personality of students, there are many literary programmes, quiz contests, art competition, Science Exhibition etc.

Personality Development Programmes(PDP)

These programmes aim at motivating individuals to exhibit their potential by conducting social and cultural programmes, performances, seminar and mock interviews on general and technical topics. These programmes prepare students to face interview confidently.

Medical and Engineering Entrance Preparation Classes

Conducts Entrance Preparation Classes for genuine students. This programmes helps them get success in the competitive exams.

Accounting and Banking Training Courses

With Advent of numerous banks and financial institutions in the country, the banking sector is offering ample opportunities of employment. Our accounting and banking training courses are designed to address the need of those who seek banking/accounting as their future career.

Science Excursions and Industrial Visits

The College organizes science Excursions and field trips to support their study. The students of Management stream are taken to different business organizations to study about the organization structure, business strategies, latest technology, operating systems etc.

Exchange program with International University

The college has short and long term faculty exchange, undergraduate and graduate students exchange  program , collaborative research and discovery and other mutually agreed educational and research programs with University of Central Missouri, USA.

Sports Club

Sports activities are essential for both physical and mental development of a person. The college has a provision for sports club that manages infrastructures and environment for a number of sports like basketball, tennis, football, cricket, etc.

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Admission guidelines


  1. The candidate must be plus two passed ( NEB) or equivalent in at least second division.
  2. The candidate must pass the entrance test conducted by the college. The questions in the test are related to verbal ability, writing skill and general knowledge.
  3. The entrance follows an interview where the aptitude of the student is given the highest priority. Result is published ont he basis of entrance test, interview and +2 percentage.


  1. TU entrance i s mandatory for the enrollment. 
  2. The office of the dean is responsible to undertake entrance exam to test the basic ability of the student to pursue the MBS program. 
  3. Students are enrolled strictly on the basis of merit.

Message from College

Homnath Bhattarai picture

Prof. Dr. Homnath Bhattarai


Congratulations on your graduation and best of luck for your future endeavors! I am very much excited to welcome a fresh batch of talented students in the college. It is a fact that the college has become a centre of attraction for students coming from every part of the country. This is the reason, I believe, that prompted even the toppers of the SEE Board examination to choose MEGA for their academic pursuit. The achievements of Meganians in NEB and TU Examinations and their unparalleled success in achieving national and international scholarships to study Medicine, Engineering and Management courses are some facts that speak of  the academic excellence of MEGA. Enriched by a team of highly talented and motivated faculty, the college is committed to providing an open, caring and multi-cultural learning environment built on the core values of integrity, responsibility and dignity. The college has an unwavering commitment to develop it into a mega center of
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Madhukar Pandey picture

Mr. Madhukar Pandey

Program Director

Dear Students/ Guardians, Thank you very much for choosing the Nepal Mega College as your academic institution in shaping your career. The vertex of success is never unreachable if we have clear vision and commitment our objective. Only through the positive attitude, comprehensive study, and dedication of our assigned duty that we can reach our destination. Since its establishment, Nepal Mega College has been working in improving the professional attitude of students. We not only teach the syllabus of the university but also attempt to tailor them to comprehensive curriculum of their life/career. Therefore, the college aims to encourage the students who can explore themselves. Moreover, we also focus on the culture of the students to focus on their overall personality. In a short span of time Mega has proved that it is the best hive for the students. It is gaining popularity among students among various academic reasons. We provide career alternat
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Babarmahal Kathmandu