The Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) program aims at transforming the students into enviable managers and leaders in different business sectors. Institutional links of Nepal Mega College with different business houses, corporate sectors, and banks allow students to have valuable internships during college life itself.

Special features of the BBS program at Mega are:


BBS students complement their theoretical knowledge with matching practice experience. Thus our BBS program draws on the BBA program, thereby enabling our graduates to be on par with the BBA pass-outs.

Exclusive Classes

Regular Computer & Accounting classes are provided for those students who are looking for a career in Banking and Industry. IELTS/TOEFL classes are run for those students who aspire to go abroad for further studies. Similarly, Loksewa preparation classes and regular tests are conducted to make it easier for students to complete the examinations for the job.

Banking Training Courses

With the advent of numerous banks and financial institutions in the country, the Banking sector is offering opportunities for employment. Our accounting and banking training courses are designed to address the need of those who seek Banking/Accounting as their future career.