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Features of Nepal Mega College

Job Placement Opportunity.

Nepal Mega College is one of the best colleges for Management and Social Studies in Kathmandu where we have been focusing on practical-based quality education. We have been simply following the Syllabus designed by Tribhuvan University but we are making difference to it. We have corporate relations with different corporate houses where our competent students will be placed after completion of their degrees.


Real knowledge comes through different research programs. Mega offers value-based education that insists on real-time scenarios and researches. Researches are powerful ways to help people learn and to produce lasting change in their behavior and habits. A Mega Research would be a small set of universal instructional principles that can be applied to produce efficient and robust student learning for any educational goal.

Regular Visiting lecture

Regular guest lectures from different professionals from our concerned area are invited over time to share their experiences and expertise with us. We believe guest lectures are a practical and feasible solution. Inviting guest lecturers into the classroom offers a great opportunity for students to learn other viewpoints within a discipline, and to hear about current research and practical applications.

Career Development Program Interaction and seminar

We care about our students. We want them to excel in every field of their life. Thus we help them provide career development programs. We organize interaction programs with experts and expose our students to the real world. This is the way to generate a succession pipeline

Lesson plans

To organize teaching material in the time frame, we strongly recommend our teachers develop a lesson plan. This develops self-confidence in teachers and stimulates teachers to think in an organized manner. When teachers understand the objectives properly, they can deliver the best.

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