NAMI College

Gokarneshwor-7, Jorpati, Gokarneshwar, Kathmandu
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Salient Features

NAMI infrastructure is of a British standard campus area developed as per the guidelines of University of Northampton, UK. To guide NAMI construction team UN assigned their own engineer. For this, UN team along with their engineer paid several visits to NAMI construction site during the construction period.

The infrastructure consists of following:

  • Admin Block
  • Academic Blocks(Block C and Block D)
  • Faculty Block
  • Lecturer Halls( three auditorium size halls)
  • Sports Area
  • Parking Area: motorbike, bike and car parking
  • A Lawn Area

Admission Guidelines

All the programmes offered at NAMI are taught programmes. Students enrol with University of Northampton and NAMI together. Once the student has identified the programme he/she wants to study, following documents must be submitted to

Application forms are available at NAMI Admission office or students can download it from NAMI website.(Download here)

Please bring/attach following documents at the time of applications:

  • University of Northampton (UN) application form (Download here
  • Official Transcripts (Starting from 10th grade)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement (minimum of 500 words)
  • Citizenship/Passport copy
  • 2 passport size pictures
  • A visa copy, if you are in Nepal on a visa (For International Student)

Once you have decided your course of study, simply complete the application form manually and submit to the Admission officer. On completion of the filling of your application, it will be scanned and sent to the University Admissions Office for approval.

Normally, you receive an offer letter within 24 working hours from the University, but it may take up to maximum seven working days.

Students, who wish to submit an application by e-mail, please make sure you download UN UK application form, from our website (Download here). Please scan all original documents and UN UK application form (specially the last page) and send it as an attachment to the

Please note that you will be required to bring original documents at the time of enrollment.


Naaya Aayam Multi-Disciplinary Institute (NAMI) College is one of the college operating in Nepal.

NAMI (Naaya Aayam Multi-disciplinary Institute) has been initiated by a group of like minded distinguished and committed Nepali citizens, who have established it with a view to contribute to the social and economic growth of Nepal through the established of a center of excellence for education.

NAMI is being developed as Nepal’s premium Educational Institution in partnership with the University of Northampton (UN), United Kingdom. NAMI aims to bring world class education to Nepal. NAMI students will be registered as University of Northampton students. UN & NAMI faculty will jointly deliver all curriculum as designed by UN & approved by Government of Nepal. Upon graduation, NAMI students will be awarded a University of Northampton degree. NAMI students will also be eligible to transfer credits to UN after Year 2 and to attend the graduation ceremony in the UK.

It offers MBA, BBA, B.Sc. and A level Programs. 


Conduct educational programmes and provide research training and consultancy service in educational field to contribute to increase the access of youth to world class education within Nepal.

Academic Goal

“Quality Education for Human Capital Development”


  • To create a center for excellence for education
  • To establish a state-of-the-art educational infrastructure and facilities
  • To offer under-graduate and graduate courses in some key disciplines in collaboration with world-class universities.
  • To organize workshop, seminars, and training programmes in the field of management and others.
  • To conduct research studies.
  • To publish journals, research paper, articles and textbooks in the educational field.
  • Formation of economic capital for investment in quality education.
  • To offer refresher courses for policy maker in collaboration with overseas universities.

Message from the CEO

Pawan Pokhrel

At NAMI, education is a real fun in its pure academic sense and the fun factor could be realized in projects, innovations and creativity in the works our students deliberately carry out. Moreover, our students are exposed to academic integrity and excellence with which they excel everywhere. We guide all our students, care for them personally and ensure his/her academic growth with all round development. As the result, our students explore an immense possibility of knowledge, come up with viable and sustainable accomplishments and prove that the sky is the limit for those who really put efforts. Along with the core academics, much emphasis put upon morality, high sense of ethics, sense of responsiveness and socio-cultural responsibilities in and outside NAMI has enriched our students' perspectives and outlooks towards the real world. In a sentence, our students are paragons of academic excellence, ethical and moral ambiance and synonyms of quality and standard education with national and international reputation.

Pawan Pokhrel