To meet the universal demand for extraordinary leaders, NAMI offers programs that will prepare you for more than the next step in your career. Our program, Masters in Computing brings current global practices from around the world that dive into tangible business results in the field of computing. As the technology and computing industries continue to evolve immensely, the need for professionals and specialists in computing are increasing. The digital economy is alone responsible for $11.5 trillion globally.

Computer science is a dynamic, versatile field, full of open problems and opportunities for creative invention. Computing plays a crucial part in how we are able to effectively access, browse and consume data and information on a regular basis. Our Computing courses will help you develop the knowledge and experience essential for the career enhancement and progression of a career in computing, to ensure that you excel in whichever career you choose to enter. 

The postgraduate Computing MSc course allows you to study computing at a greater depth, develop your research and analytical skills and complete an individual thesis investigating an area you are particularly interested in. Our postgraduate Computing program is technical in focus, but you will also learn about the business context and develop interpersonal skills that are vital to problem-solving in the business you are involved in.