The Science stream offered by NEB at NAMI is designed to focus primarily on developing students' understanding of fundamental scientific concepts. Through the college's well-equipped laboratories and experienced technicians, along with dedicated teachers, students are instructed in a manner that enables them to apply the scientific theories learned in class to practical applications and beyond.

Offered Courses

Biology Group Biology Group Physical Group
(A) (B) (Computer)
Comp. Nepali Comp. Nepali Comp. Nepali
Comp. English Comp. English Comp. English
Mathematics Social Studies Mathematics
Physics Physics Physics
Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry
Biology Biology Computer Science

What You Will Learn 

  • Build a solid foundation in physics, chemistry, and biology, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the natural sciences.
  • Enhance mathematical proficiency through the study of advanced topics such as calculus, algebra, and statistics.
  • Foster a curiosity-driven approach to scientific exploration and experimentation.
  • Explore the integration of technology in scientific research and analysis.
  • Develop essential skills for success in higher education and the workplace.
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