This is a two-year course providing basic knowledge about the necessary facts and principles of management. The course is centered on developing a foundation for the students who wish to pursue the management field in the future.

Offered Courses

Business Studies Computer Science Hotel Management
Comp. Nepali Comp. Nepali Comp. Nepali
Comp. English Comp. English Comp. English
Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies
Accounting Accounting Accounting
Economics Economics Economics / Tourism and Mountaineering
Business Studies Computer Science Hotel Management

What You Will Learn

  • Gain a deep understanding of business principles, economics, and entrepreneurship.
  • Acquire knowledge of financial management, accounting principles, and investment strategies.
  • Cultivate effective leadership and management skills through practical applications and real world scenarios.
  • Explore the ethical considerations within your chosen field of study.
  • Develop essential skills for success in higher education and the workplace.
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