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Premier International IB Continuum School

Khumaltar Height, Satdobato, Bagmati, Lalitpur

Premier International IB Continuum School is a part of Premier Education Network (PEN). PEN is a leader in education which aims to bring positive change in the society through education. Premier was established in 2008 A.D to develop global citizens who are compassionate world class leaders without having to migrate to foreign countries in search of quality education.

Premier has made a mark in Nepali education through its bold and successful steps time and again in providing innovative 21st century education. Premier is the first of its kind to offer one of the world’s most revered curriculums, the IB PYPIB MYP, and IB DP programs. The 21st century teaching and learning practices such as online school, STEAM education, exposure to internationally accredited programs such as Duke of Edinburgh Award, Premier MUN, and World Scholars Cup equip it's students with the 21st century skills and exposure to be successful in the modern world. 

PG - 12


After successfully making history in Nepali education Premier has yet again taken a forward-thinking step to redefine +2 experience through the implementation of the new national curriculum in an international standard. The one of a kind program which allows the students to build their own degree is designed with the learner and the future in mind. The future is no longer limited by the borders of a country or the availability of jobs. The future is about finding one’s passion, understanding the needs of the society and being resourceful enough to think beyond the boundaries of set subjects to create something of value to the society. Therefore, the unique individualized program of Premier School allows the students of today the freedom to explore their passion and address real life situations without the limitations of traditional rigid grouping of subjects.  

Being a part of Premier is being a part of an ever growing, forward-thinking community of caring leaders who are driven by the passion to bring a positive change in the society. Thus, the whole school community i.e., administration, faculty, students, and their parents are committed to learning about the changing needs of the society, questioning the status quo, and finding creative ways to serve the global society. This value deeply reflects in the schools' culture, the learning experiences, and character refinement of the students.


Premier International IB Continuum School believes in working towards developing global citizens who have a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. The school strives to foster a challenging learning environment that encourages critical thinkers, problem solvers, independent individuals and life- long learners providing the skill necessary to succeed in an ever-changing society.

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Salient Features

Inquiry Based Learning  

The rapidly changing needs of the society requires the leaders of tomorrow to be able to learn and unlearn, think critically and solve real life problems. Inquiry based learning is the primary approach of learning in Premier where in the learner takes their curiosity to understand the world or to solve a real-life problem through self-initiated research and deep learning. 

Build Your Own Degree                                                                  

Breaking the traditional chains of a specific stream selection, the school allows it's students to choose and combine subject fields which they are passionate about. In this way, they are able to prepare for the 21st century job market which is not limited to traditional subject streams.

International Standard

Premier International School offers a unique blend of national curriculum taught in an international standard. Equipped with the best infrastructures in the nation, it incorporates progressive and modern pedagogical practices and exposure to ensure that it's graduates are well equipped to lead no matter where they go.

Career Guidance and individualized care

Career guidance by experienced counsellors forms an important aspect of the schools' quality education experience. Professional guidance and excellent relationships with universities abroad ensures a smooth transition to higher education and path to success for our graduates.

ICT assisted learning

Premier is one of the first schools to implement a fully functioning online school. It strongly believes that the use of information technology can maximize the academic as well as social benefit for our students. Edmodo, Khan Academy, Britannica online library, smart boards are a few tools and platforms that the school uses to enrich student learning.  

Real Life Experience

The academic curriculum is designed in a way that includes many real-life experiences such as STEAM, entrepreneurship, internship, projects, experiments, exhibition, Student Editorial Team, Student Government, Student Ambassador, and many more. These experiences will allow students to apply their knowledge and skills in real life context and sharpen their employability skills.

Additional Activities (ECA)

There are a variety of extracurricular activities which enhance the student life experience. Outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, and camping provide opportunities to build strong bond with peers and faculty. Amateur sports men and creative enthusiasts can explore their talent through clubs and activities such as dance, music, drama and theater, photography, film making, sports, and maker space.

21st Century Infrastructure

As an international standard education provider, we are equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and facilities to support the same. The unique learning and teaching experiences are well complemented by the digital library and online courses. Additionally, the school provides WI-FI for students with spacious lounges and air-conditioned classrooms.

Small Class Size

The teacher to student ratio at the school is 1:6. With small class size, the teachers and counselors are able to give individualized academic care, and ensure that each student is emotionally supported and mentally healthy.

Prep Classes

The support of Premier International School in ensuring student success is not limit to just preparing for national level board examination. The school ensures preparation of standardized tests beyond High School such as SAT, ACT, IELTS/TOEFL. It also prepares students for medical, engineering & CA by providing preparation classes.

Admission Guidelines

Premier International School is a non-selective and non-discriminatory school which serves students of all abilities. Student placement is subject to availability of seats, student readiness and diversity.

Student application and enrollment process for grade XI involves the following steps.

  • Application- Collect and submit application form along with supporting documents
  • Assessment – Student attends written assessment
  • Interview – Parents along with student attend interview with the school leadership
  • Acceptance- Admission decision is made

Note - Students who have passed /appeared SEE or equivalent examination can apply for admission.

Course Details/Curriculum

  • Early Years (Toddlers to Pre II) IB PYP Montessori
  • Primary School (Grade I- V) - National Board
  • Middle School and Junior High School (Grade VI- X) - National Board 
  • Senior High School (Grade XI- XII) - National Board


Compulsory subjects: 

  • Compulsory English
  • Compulsory Nepali
  • Math/Social


  • Optional 1 - Physics/Account/Psychology
  • Optional 2 - Biology/Business Studies/Sociology
  • Optional 3 - Chemistry/Economics
  • Optional 4 - Computer Science/Hotel Management/ General Law

Note: Students need to choose at least 3 optional subjects, max 4. One from each optional group.


Montessori  Kinderworld
Montessori Kinderworld
  • Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur
Nepal Montessori Training Centre
Nepal Montessori Training Centre
  • Khumaltar, Satdobato, Bagmati, Lalitpur