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Montessori Kinderworld

Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur


Montessori Kinderworld, Bhaktapur is a school is run by a team of dedicated teachers who have years of experience working with children. They are either chosen among the best trainees of the NMTC or being hired and trained due to their excellent attitude.

Montessori Kinderworld is a group of rapidly growing preschools, which is open-minded, flexible, and willing to grow. 

  • private Institution


Premier International IB Continuum School
Premier International IB Continuum School
  • Khumaltar Height, Satdobato, Bagmati, Lalitpur
Nepal Montessori Training Centre
Nepal Montessori Training Centre
  • Khumaltar, Satdobato, Bagmati, Lalitpur