Kathmandu World School

Surya Binayak - 7, Gundu, Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur

Kathmandu World School (KWS) is located at Surya Binayak–7, Gundu, Bhaktapur, a tranquil and peaceful place conducive for creating a unique learning environment. KWS is the culmination of a vision shared by a group of prominent Nepalese educators and entrepreneurs who saw the need to develop a semi-residential school of world standards in Nepal to meet the growing need for high-quality holistic education for children aged five to nineteen years.



The school has world–class infrastructure and state–of–the–art facilities in a calm and peaceful setting that fosters an exceptional learning environment. The structures and facilities are spread out on 55 Ropanis of lush foliage and natural beauty.

Academic programs in the elementary (Grades 1, 3, 4, and 5) and high school levels (Grade 11 Science and Management) began in the Academic Year 2075 BS (2018-19).

The school encourages hands–on activities so that students are directly involved in creating and constructing effective learning experiences rather than being passive recipients of ready made content delivered through one–way lectures. Experiences, inside and outside the classrooms, are integrated with goals and objectives of the curriculum.

At Kathmandu World School , the students are required to be actively engaged in posing questions, investigating, experimenting, problem–solving, assuming responsibilities, being creative and constructing meaning. Experiential learning focuses on developing these important skills in our students, helping them to better prepare for higher education, life and beyond.

Faculty members in the school are highly accomplished, experienced and dedicated individuals and are driven by values that place students and their holistic development at the core. In order to develop teachers’ professional skills and update their knowledge on the latest teaching and learning pedagogies, the KWS Professional Learning Center organizes regular in– house training for teachers.


Kathmandu World School envisions to become a top-notch school with a reputation for educational excellence in both Nepal and the region thereby helping create a better future.


Kathmandu World School creates a learning culture where all learners are fully engaged in holistic, meaningful,and innovative learning experiences in a caring and collaborative learning community, supported by partnerships with parents and families. 

The school's emphasis is on providing valued–based education in an intellectually stimulating learning environment, imparted by professionals trained in progressive teaching-learning approaches, to transform the young learners into knowledgeable, confident, responsible and proactive individuals with an international-mindedness and a passion for lifelong learning. It aims to prepare individuals who can face the challenges in an uncertain and interconnected global community.

Salient Features

World-Class Infrastructure and Facilities

The school has a world-class infrastructure and cutting–edge facilities to provide a spectrum of engaging educational experiences for the overall development of the children in our care.

The classrooms are large, air-conditioned, and equipped with high-speed Internet access, video surveillance, and a fire alarm system. Swimming, futsal, multiple instrument-based music studios, and dance facilities, sports and fitness gyms, as well as medium–based visual art studios will be available in a dedicated Extra-Curricular Activity (ECA) block now under development.


The school features two libraries, one for Elementary students (Grades 1-8) and the other for Secondary students (Grade 9 and above). The library program is supervised by trained librarians with extensive knowledge and expertise in library administration. For students and instructors, there is a variety of printed materials (books, journals, periodicals, research documents, encyclopedias, subject-specific reference books, and so on). Individual study rooms, as well as group discussions and presentations, are available.

Modern Science And Computer Laboratories

Secondary school students (Grade 9 to 12/ A-Level) have access to subject-specific laboratories (in Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany). For elementary school students, there is a general science laboratory. The school also has the latest educational tools including Information and Computer Technology (ICT) for use in our Science and Computer Laboratories.

Health Care and Nursing Care Services

The school's Health Care and Nursing Unit looks for minor injuries and illnesses. In the event that a student contracts a contagious illness, the infirmary provides enough beds and a separate isolation area to utilize. An expert Medical Practitioner will visit the school on a regular basis to check on the students' health. Special health camps, such as eye tests and dental checkups, will be held from time to time to raise awareness about health concerns among children and their parents.

Transportation Service

The school offers air-conditioned vans to transport students to and from school, ensuring that the students who use the service are comfortable and safe. In addition, all vans are equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) that allows parents to follow the vehicle's whereabouts while on the road.

Boarding Facilities

The school provides pleasant, safe, and homey residential accommodations for students in grades four and above.

The boarding houses are a short walk from the school buildings and are divided into two sections for girls and boys. All of the buildings are well–furnished and include all of the necessary infrastructures. Hostel students will be cared for and supervised by a team of professional and devoted Hostel Attendants who will be on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the students' safety and comfort

Guidance, Higher Studies & Career Counselling

KWS is dedicated to providing the students with the necessary guidance and support during their learning period at the school and for their future. The school prides itself on its experienced guidance counselor, who ensures all-around guidance for the students. The counselor makes sure that students are helped with coping with difficult situations, adjust to new environments, and show improvement in academics or other areas where they lack. 

The school also assists students in making well-informed decisions about higher education courses that best suit their interests and professional objectives. A professional Counselor advises students on what job they should follow based on their interests and aptitudes in order to thrive in life.

Pre–Medical And Pre–Engineering Exam Preparations

At KWS, high school graduates, who vie for engineering, medical, and CA courses after Grade12 are provided with preparation courses so that they can crack the tough entrance examination that they are required to pass to get into such courses. The courses start as soon as the middle of Grade 11 on a weekly basis.

Admission Guidelines

Applications for immediate or future entry are accepted at any time during the year, but admission is contingent on seat availability.

All students will be required to appear for screening tests that comprise written tests and an interview to determine their eligibility for admission to the school.

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