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Iwamura College of Health Science

Sallaghari-7, Sallaghari, Bhaktapur


Iwamura College of Health Sciences (Dr. Iwamura Hospital)  is affiliated to CTEVT, and offers various Certificate/Diploma programs such as Certificate in Nursing,  CMLT, Health Assistant etc

In memory of Dr. Noboru Iwamura, Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital was established in Bhaktapur in 1998 and started its operation in 2001. Since January, 2005, local community people participated in this Hospital as the main stakeholders and took over the management. Since then the Hospital is continuously progressing and expanding its facilities providing reliable and affordable medical services to the community people. 

In order to cater quality education in health sector it encourages innovative teaching practices to meet the academic and professional to the students. It offers ongoing opportunities to all students even after graduation in their chosen field.