International Early Years Curriculum

International Early Years Curriculum


The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) is a research-based, child-centered curriculum for children aged 2 to 5. The IEYC identifies best practices and developmental requirements in early childhood education, allowing teachers and practitioners to appreciate the interrelated nature of learning.

It gives a contemporary perspective that empowers instructors as they help children learn successfully and with delight by emphasizing playful, holistic, and child-focused approaches to learning and development.

Why choose the IEYC?

  • It can be used in any nursery or early childhood setting and does not require any formal pre-qualification.
  • Flexible and aligned with your national curriculum while providing the structure needed by all teachers
  • Designed on eight learning principles that we believe are critical to the learning and development of children.
  • The focus of our unique learning approach turns away from monitoring results and toward driving children's learning and development.
  • There are over 18 learning units focused on intriguing subjects that pique children's innate curiosity.
  • Ideal for children in the transition from early to formal education, and can be extended to accommodate older children in settings and nations where early childhood education extends beyond the age of five.
  • The IEYC encompasses all components of the Early Years Foundation Stage, including learning objectives and developmental stages.

  • Teachers, children, and parents/carers observe and engage with one other to gain a holistic view of a child's development, which is recorded in learning journals.