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Salient Features

College Buildings

KIST has purposeful spacious academic buildings with abundant amenities. The construction is structurally sound and made with a view to run this educational institution effectively. There is enough space for  wide ranging activities and large classrooms for flexible learning environments. The College also has a big library, seminar halls, faculty and administrative offices for plentiful study opportunities or requirements.

The Premises

The College grounds are fairly large and contain sports facilities like basketball, badminton, and table tennis. They are used for multifarious college events or other important outdoor purposes. Their premises are wide, open, clean and fresh with adequate greenery.

Ideal Location

KIST is ideally located in a serene and lush spot near the refreshing Kamalpokhari pond in central Kathmandu making it easily accessible. It offers an ideally located, model campus with modern classrooms and quiet study areas to all its current or prospective students.

Safe Atmosphere

The setting of KIST is safe and peaceful in every way. The physical infrastructure has been assembled strictly according to governmental guidelines keeping in view, among other technicalities, seismic hazards. All its constructions housing numerous facilities are well maintained and regularly inspected by engineers for functionality and well-being. As a result, environment is most conducive to all activities concerning the academic accomplishment and overall development of students.


The College has state-of-the-art computer & IT laboratories fully equipped according to the norms & standards of the Universities to which its courses bear affiliation. It has basic computer labs along with a digital logic lab and network lab.

Excellent Faculty

College has a dedicated and experienced pool of faculty for delivering excellent teaching-learning. Tutors supervise academic performance, interact with students, and give needed guidance. In order to maintain and upgrade its benchmarks, KIST supports ongoing professional development and training of its teachers.

Effective Methodology

KIST teaching methodology is unique. Teachers use flexible, multiple learning styles to help students increase understanding and remember information. Our pedagogic methods integrate technology that fosters a desire to learn and helps students to acquire critical thinking skills.

Close Monitoring

Our proficient faculty watchfully monitors academic progress. Teachers impart both group and personalized instruction of the highest quality. KIST insists on meticulous checking of lesson assignments, daily or special homework, and collegiate attendance – both punctuality and regularity.

Regular Exams

KIST’s academic life is power-driven by tests and examinations. We take regular class tests, Term and Pre-Board exams. The examination system of the College is well structured and surely enhances the competitive success of our students.  

Continuous Assessment

Our term-wise evaluation is based on student performance in Term examinations and additional assessment of class tests, assignments, and attendance. We also evaluate students appropriately with reference to their co-curricular and extracurricular activities. KIST teachers give performance feedback that is the basis of vital academic support.

Sufficient Practicals

The College arranges sufficient practicals to meet syllabi standards and students’ hands-on learning needs. These lab classes and experimentation greatly help students to become familiar with science, technology, and management in real or applied situations. KIST instructors and technical staff provide close support to students so as to transform their theoretical learning into handy concrete know-how.

Tutorial System

KIST’s well-designed tutorial system truly improves the academic performance of our students over the year. This is a unique scholastic opportunity at the College for students to get individual attention and indispensable support to learn better.

a) Regular Tutorials

The College provides regular tutorials during college hours as an integral part of its formal teaching plan consisting of lectures, tutorials and practicals. Interactive, task-based, and specific, our tutorial classes address the possible lack of full understanding and looked-for clarity of students in certain subjects or particular topic-areas. KIST tutors impart study and exam tips and also give revision follow-ups.

b) Additional Tutorials 

KIST specially organizes extra tutorials on Saturdays, during the week, and over the vacations throughout the academic session. These intensive tutorial classes are arranged on the basis of an attending student’s academic level or proficiency, need, or request. We emphasize small-sized classes that provide individual care and precise guidance.

Preparation Courses

Our distinctive synergistic teaching-learning approach has made KIST preparation courses vital for students. They give an extra edge to our students for succeeding in both their regular course-based and competitive examinations.

a) Competitive Preparation

KIST’s competitive preparation classes for medical, engineering and management entrance tests are held throughout the year. They prepare our students during their yearlong studies for doing well simultaneously in Board exams and later in key entrance tests essential for their higher studies. Such thorough coaching also largely assists them to obtain scholarships after +2.

b) Refresher Classes

The College provides refresher classes after completing the main course. These inputs encapsulate a quick penetrating review of the entire course and provide a solid tutoring session for subsequent HSEB Board Examinations. Such classes give KIST students a superb chance to consult subject teachers about hard topics or difficult questions and to clear their doubts.

Counseling Services

KIST offers essential counseling services that are available to its students at all times. We recognize the importance of supporting the positive growth of each individual studying here. The College concentrates upon areas relevant to their ongoing academics, future study or career plans, and personal or social needs and wants.

a) Academic & Personal

KIST academic counseling for our students is based on their subject-wise performance. This counseling facilitates the acquisition of study skills and habits along with time management techniques that together help in eradicating their weak spots. Additionally, personal counseling at the College aims at maintaining the highest standards of conduct and discipline to prepare each student for an exemplary college life.

b) Studies & Careers

The College counselors advise students about choosing the right courses and suitable colleges or universities for higher studies. KIST counseling also extends to institutional search and applying for placements or scholarships. We suggest educational and career choices based on available opportunities globally carefully considering students’ preferences.  

c) Academic Excellence

KIST believes in a culture of excellence promoting outstanding academic achievement. The College strives for continuous scholastic improvement by narrowing the gap between aims and attainments. Our well-managed and peaceful campus environment is most favorable to real learning and keeps our students fully focused on their studies.   

d) Positive Discipline

Our Code of Conduct instills a high level of positive discipline in our students. The College builds up a keen sense of task completion and time management among students. The work, discipline, and conduct of KIST students reap rich rewards and endear them to society.

Admission Guidelines

+2 (Science & Management)


Applicants need at least GPA 2.4 or Equivalent Grades in SEE/Equivalent exams for Science & at least GPA 2.0 or Equivalent Grades in SEE/Equivalent exams for Management. Applicants must fulfill the NEB's subject-specific grade requirements.

Application Forms

Application forms for admission and entrance exam entry are available at the KIST office and also online at Applicants should submit these forms duly filled in with all supporting documents by the given deadline.

Entrance Test

Getting through this Test is mandatory for your admission. The Entrance Test appropriately assesses the examinee in areas related to the choice of course – Science or Management. We suggest student applicants collect Sample Test Papers along with their Application forms in order to prepare themselves for this competitive entry exam.


The results of the Entrance Test are strictly based on the order of merit and normally declared the very next day of the Test: The names of the selected student applicants are pasted on the College Notice Board and also posted on the College website.


Student applicants who have cleared the Entrance Test are individually interviewed thereafter. The date and time of each interview is mentioned in the Entrance Test Results sheet. It should be kept in
mind by the Applicants that they ought to be accompanied by either their parents or their guardians when they come for the interview. Moreover, Applicants must bring all the required documents.

Offer of Admission & Acceptance 

Selected applicants are handed Offer Letters for admission with or without offers of Scholarships at the end of their interviews. They need to submit their acceptance within the stipulated period to get admitted.


Once the College receives a letter of acceptance from the applicant, it will confirm admission forthwith subject to the payment of fees. Successful applicants shall be enrolled as bona fide KIST students on the completion of this process!

Bachelor Level


Students interested in joining BBA, BIM, BIT and BBS at KIST would need to go through a fair but thorough admission process.


Applicants need at least a second division in +2 or an equivalent exam to secure admission here.

Entrance Exam Application Form

University Entrance Exam Application forms are available at all colleges including KIST which offer these programs for BBA, BIM & BIT. For BBS, application forms are available at KIST. Applicants should submit these forms duly filled in with supporting documents and photographs by the given deadline.

Entrance Exam

Getting through the University Entrance Exam is mandatory for admission in BBA, BIM & BIT. For BBS, the College conducts an Entrance Test. Questions asked are from related subject areas. Sample Test Papers can be obtained from KIST along with Application forms.

KIST Admission Form

Successful students in the University Entrance Exam should fill in the KIST Admission Form. Students who have filled in the University Entrance Exam forms in any other college are also eligible to apply here.

Personal Interview

These students need to appear for the Personal Interview immediately thereafter. They ought to be  accompanied by their parents or guardians for this interview.

Offer Letter

Selected applicants are handed Offer Letters for admission. They need to submit their acceptance along with needed original certificates or testimonials within the stipulated period to get admitted.


Once the College receives a letter of acceptance, it will confirm admission forthwith subject to the payment of fees.


In order to acknowledge and promote academic success, KIST College offers a variety of scholarships to students.

Performance Scholarships

1) SEE Results

Type Particulars Science Management
1.1 Merit Award I Full Scholarships 20 seats Min. GPA 3.9 10 seats Min. GPA 3.85
1.2 Merit Award II 100% Tuition Fee Waiver 20 seats Min. GPA 3.85 10 seats Min. GPA 3.8
1.3 Merit Award III 75% Tuition Fee Waiver 20 seats Min. GPA 3.8 10 seats Min. GPA 3.75
1.4 Merit Award IV 50% Tuition Fee Waiver 20 seats Min. GPA 3.7 10 seats Min. GPA 3.6
1.5 Merit Award V 25% Tuition Fee Waiver 20 seats Min. GPA 3.5 10 seats Min. GPA 3.4
1.6 Merit Award VI 10% Tuition Fee Waiver 20 seats Min. GPA 3.2 20 seats Min. GPA 3.0

2) Entrance Tests

Type Particulars Science Management
2.1 Entrance Award I Full Scholarships 6 seats 4 seats
2.2 Entrance Award II 100% Tuition Fee Waiver 6 seats 4 seats
2.3 Entrance Award III 50% Tuition Fee Waiver 10 seats 8 seats
2.4 Entrance Award IV 25% Tuition Fee Waiver 10 seats 8 seats

3) Term Results

Type Particulars Science Management
3.1 Merit Award 100% Tuition Fee Waiver Min. GPA 3.69 Min. GPA 3.69
3.2 Achievement Award 50% Tuition Fee Waiver Min. GPA 3.54 Min. GPA 3.54
3.3 Scholastic Award 25% Tuition Fee Waiver Min. GPA 3.39 Min. GPA 3.39

Talent and Need Based Scholarships

Type Particulars Seats Descriptions
1 Science Award 2 For meaningful, original inventiveness
2 Arts Award 2 For well-known or creative presentation
3 Sports Award 2 For noticeable accomplishments or rare abilities
4 Social Equity Scholarships 50% Tuition fee waiver 10 To empower the physically, socially, or geographically disadvantaged


KIST College is located at Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu. It was established in 1995 and has been able to establish itself as one of the preferred academic institutions among students for +2 Bachelors and Masters level programs. KIST College offers offers high standard NEB +2 Science and Management courses, a range of top quality Bachelor’s degrees – BBA, BIM, BIT, BBS and BSc Microbiology – followed by  Master’s degrees – MBS, MSc Microbiology, and MIT.

KIST is well-known to most educators and students along with their families that the college's educational delivery, at the different levels it cover, is as good as the best anywhere! This is due to its dedicated, expert faculty and their unique learning-teaching. Also, the college believes in student intake interlinked to academic excellence. Its ideal education yields top results in key examinations.

KIST incontestably has a fine academic atmosphere with a pragmatic, student-centered, caring approach. First-rate amenities on campus plus well-managed transport facilities attract the best students. Also, a cafeteria, and separate boys' and girls' hostels are available at this centrally-located campus. Regular, quick public transport is always available a few hundred yards away

It provides superb facilities such as modern, well-stocked library with a useful adjunct, an e-library, serving all learning needs, and probably the best well-equipped laboratories. Notably, this institution has a purpose-built, well-engineered, and safe infrastructure so that everything on the campus reinforces student education and their overall development.

KIST College, although situated downtown, exudes peace and positivity with its pleasant and peaceful premises next to the salubrious large pond Kamalpokhari. It has a spacious property most suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Ample opportunities for extracurricular or co-curricular activities or events are available so that students have a happy campus life.

Above all, remarkable is the KIST College ethos for all it does to transform students at all levels: +2, Bachelor's, and Master's. It ensures these goals through pastoral care, academic and career counseling, and the nurturing of academic skills alongside life-skills. KIST is a highly successful motivator for furthering your educational or career objectives and life goals.

Message from the Principal

Samir Sharma

Dear Everyone

It delights me to welcome all of you to KIST, a most reliable and greatly sought-after institution well-known for academic and professional excellence.

This reputed College – comprising +2s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s at one place – trusts in planning, and achieving, the uppermost benchmarks of formal education. Markedly, outstanding results over the years prove our worth. KIST graduates invariably get top placements alongside scholarships, and its alumni always do exceptionally worldwide. Ours is a choice you will treasure as you do well in your educational life ahead!

KIST is much more than just a place to learn and get fine qualifications; it gives students unrivaled guidance along with great chances so as to help them become responsible citizens. Our unique support system nurtures overall growth through plentiful opportunities in ECAs, CCAs, or outreach activities. Your experiences here would assuredly enrich your lives!

The College has an ideal teaching-learning environment supported by a perfect staff and an extraordinary faculty focusing on conceptual understanding and course content requirements. We forever strive to transform our students into superlative doers who’re passionate about scholastic competence, lifetime learning, and personal development. It’s no wonder that KIST graduates obtain remarkable placements, especially in MBBS and Engineering.

Now, we look forward to interacting with prospective students, parents, and guardians for the continuing success of this leading institution which is always open to new ideas.

Welcome again to your +2 College!

Best wishes

Yours sincerely

Samir Sharma