Plus two Science Entrance Exams and Admissions notice

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Application form open: 2017-06-18

Application form close: 2017-06-30

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Ten Plus Two Science is for the students opting to create a career in the field of Science and Technology. 10 + 2 education in science entitles a student the eligibility to pursue a career in the field of Medicine, Engineering and other applied and theoretical natural science sectors.

General Eligibility:

Students will to enroll in grade 11 Science Subject Group (Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics/Computer Science/Agriculture) must score

  • GPA: 2
  • C+ in Science and Math
  • C in English
  • D+ in Social and Nepali

Plus two colleges/schools have made their own eligibility criteria for Plus two Science based on their reputation, competitiveness in the enrollment process etc. Currently +2 Science admissions is ongoing in the following colleges/schools (this is not the exclusive list of all colleges, but those who are supplying information regularly to edusanjal for the updates).

You can click the link (under college name/logo) to view eligibility, application form submission and entrance examination dates of each college/school).

Admissions ongoing for (1)