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KIST BBA Extra Edge

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) provides a fundamental education in business and management principles allowing students to specialize in one of the multiple concentration areas, including business economics, administration, finance, human resources, or accounting. The program enables graduates to explore various real-life opportunities that help them later in managing companies. It also develops sound professionals with entrepreneurship skills who can run business ventures in a contemporary or international context. So, it is a preparation for a lot more than a career in business and has national importance.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Assimilate conceptual knowledge of business, management, and administration to develop managerial capabilities and problem-solving skills
  • Gain executive competence and leadership skills to ensure smooth business functioning in varied organizational settings
  • Foster the ability of critical thinking to perform better across various areas of specialization in the management field
  • Understand multicultural business environments, protocols, ethics, and management practices required within the global context to function effectively
  • Synthesize information from functional areas and apply business theory to handle practical decision-making situations and generate outcomes

Extra Edge

Advancement Courses

Non-syllabus courses cover latest and important computer, IT and other technological developments. Students can thereby adjust to rapid changes in these fields and update their knowledge.

Add-on Certifications

Internationally recognized certifications are offered from renowned institutions through related-training and preparatory examinations. They bridge the gap between the allocated curriculum and an ever-evolving industry.

Professional Development

We develop students professionally through training sessions, workshops, and internships. These deal with practical experience, time management, self-management, corporate dressing, interpersonal skills, and social etiquette.

Corporate Interaction

Eminent professionals give lectures and presentations on diverse, useful topics. To further interaction, students of all branches go on industrial trips at least once a year.

Field Visits & Internships

The College emphasizes a specified number of field visits for professional experience and implements the stipulation pertaining to internships for a particular degree.

Industrial Tie-ups

KIST believes in tie-ups with industries and IT-related business houses or even international companies for collaborative & applied research, knowledge exchange, and skills transfer to our faculty, staff, and, importantly, students.

Placement Support

The Placement Cell supports graduates in finding the right kind of job environment here or abroad. This Office also helps them prepare documents & CVs and face interviews.

Entrepreneurship Cells

The Entrepreneurship Cell at KIST aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit of young students. The Cell hosts various workshops, speaker sessions, innovative games and competitions for aspiring entrepreneurs and supports them.

Research & Development Unit

The KIST R & D Unit organizes valuable research and development activities for its students through training and special or pilot projects. This prepares them for higher studies as well as research and career pathways. The Unit gives KIST’s Bachelor’s & Master’s courses a distinct professional edge.

Admission Process

Students interested in joining BBA at KIST would need to go through a fair but thorough admission process.


Applicants need minimum D+ grade in each subject of grade 11 & 12 with CGPA 1.8 or more or minimum second division in +2 or an equivalent exam. Getting through the CMAT is mandatory for admission in BBA.

CMAT Application Form

CMAT Application forms are available at all colleges including KIST which offer these programmes for BBA. Applicants should submit these forms duly filled in with supporting documents and photographs by the given deadline.

KIST Admission Form

Successful students in the CMAT should fill in the KIST Admission Form. Students who have filled in the CMAT forms in any other college are also eligible to apply here.

Personal Interview

These students need to appear for the Personal Interview thereafter. They ought to be accompanied by their parents or guardians for this interview.

Offer Letter

Selected applicants are handed Offer Letters for admission. They need to submit their acceptance along with needed original certificates or testimonials within the stipulated period to get admitted.


Once the College receives a letter of acceptance, it will confirm admission forthwith subject to the payment of fees.

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