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BSc Microbiology is an inter-disciplinary 4-year course that studies microbes thoroughly to promote life sciences and benefit all living things, and as a subject has wide SciTech, environmental, or health related applications. The course empowers graduates to work as environmental microbiologists, in the health care field, or in the food production, agriculture and industry sectors. Graduates acquire specialized analytical knowledge to meet the demands of the contemporary market and learn how to bridge the gap between industrial needs and the education with which they have been equipped. They develop the competence to work anywhere in different institutions including those relating to education and research.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the interesting world of microbiology through excellent education and research to explore the field
  • Assimilate conceptual knowledge of microorganisms and their role in different related fields to combat diseases
  • Gain theoretical and applied knowledge of microbiology in cross- disciplinary fields to become professionally capable
  • Obtain specialized know-how about selected areas of microbiology to tackle real-world problems
  • Explore various microbiological techniques to analyze better for effective solutions and remedies

Extra Edge

Dedicated Faculty

Our committed and experienced faculty delivers excellent teaching-learning. Tutors supervise academic performance, interact with students, and give needed guidance. Our faculty is hand-picked from professionals, with experience in the industry and expertise in their fields, who have engaged in innovative, high impact basic and applied research across the broad discipline of science through knowledge exchange. KIST supports ongoing professional development and training of its faculty members.

Vibrant Teaching-Learning

Our teaching-learning approach is reflected in on-campus studies, with students making the most of their academic experience. Fully supporting students’ aspirations, the College is a center for learning where they can prosper in a supportive, encouraging and motivational environment. We focus on preparing students for both employment and further studies or research, placing emphasis on knowledge that has application in a multitude of professions.

Standard Assessment

Our academic evaluation process is based the learning outcome assessment of each student. We hold that such assessment and academic performance are interrelated and best proven through examination results. Exams are used for assessing the students in an internationally competitive arena whereby a full insight into each student’s attained knowledge and capabilities is gained.

Effective Tutorials

KIST’s well-designed tutorial system truly improves the academic performance of students. This is a unique scholastic opportunity at the College to get individual attention and indispensable support to learn better. The purposes of tutorials are to develop a deep understanding of the topics introduced in lectures and to apply the knowledge acquired to solve problems. The College organizes pre-exam preparation camps to improve students’ results.

Laboratory Work

The College offers exceptional lab facilities to its students for nurturing innovative skills in teaching, learning and research. We provide enough practicals to meet syllabi standards and students’ hands[1]on learning needs. All this greatly helps students to become familiar with science & technology in real or applied situations. Our instructors and lab staff provide close support to students and instill useful practical learning.

Project Work & Research

KIST provides students with ample opportunities to integrate their coursework knowledge with professional applications by project work & research. Students gain workplace skills and benefit from assistance & supervision in carrying out such tasks. The KIST R & D Unit organizes valuable research and development activities through training and special or pilot projects. The Unit gives KIST’s Bachelor’s and Master’s courses a distinct professional edge.

Admission Process

Students interested in joining BSc Microbiology at KCST would need to go through a fair but thorough admission process.


Applicants must have taken 200 marks full course of Biology. They need at least a second division in +2 or an equivalent exam. For students with results in grading system, they must have secured at least “C” grade in each subject. For A level student, they must have minimum “E” grade.

Entrance Exam Application Form

University Entrance Exam Application forms are available at all colleges including KCST which offer these programmes. Applicants should submit these forms duly filled in with supporting documents and photographs by the given deadline.

Entrance Exam

Getting through the University Entrance Exam is mandatory for admission. Sample Test Papers can be obtained from KCST along with Application forms.

KCST Admission Form

Successful students in the University Entrance Exam should fill in the KCST Admission Form. Students who have filled in the University Entrance Exam forms in any other college are also eligible to apply here.

Personal Interview

These students need to appear for the Personal Interview immediately thereafter. They ought to be accompanied by parents or guardians for this interview.

Offer Letter

Selected applicants are handed Offer Letters for admission. They need to submit their acceptance along with needed original certificates or testimonials within the stipulated period to get admitted.


Once the College receives a letter of acceptance, it will confirm admission forthwith subject to the payment of fees.

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