Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Microbiology - Tribhuvan University

B.Sc Microbiology is a Four year Bachelor course of Tribhuvan University. Every year around 700 students get B.Sc degree majoring in microbiology from 23 colleges of TU of which 8 are constituents and rests are TU affiliated colleges.

Microbiology is the study of microbes (organisms too small to be seen by the naked eye) and the way they interact with humans, animals, plants and the environment. Microbiology is not a single subject, and it has applications in different fields. In general, microbiologists study microscopic organisms, which are organisms too small to see with the naked eye. There are many types of microscopic organisms so microbiologists tend to specialize in one certain field within microbiology creating many types of microbiologists. Microbiologists study these microorganisms learning about their ecology, their survival, how they affect us and how we can utilize them.

Some of the major areas under microbiology are,

Environmental Microbiology

Environmental microbiology, which studies the interactions of microbes with the environment and each other, has many important practical applications; for example, microbes are used to treat sewage and remediate hazardous waste. Environmental microb

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Student with biology for both years in their PCL (I.Sc) or equivalent level (+2 Science with Biological stream) can only apply for B.Sc Microbiology Program.

Job prospectus


The bachelor of Science in Microbiology (B.Sc Microbiology) is designed to provide graduates with core skill and knowledge require to Hospital Laboratories, Pharmaceutical manufactures, Food and Dairy Industries, Public Health Project, Health departments, Biotechnical industries, higher studies and research etc

Curricular structure

B.Sc Microbiology is a four years undergraduate course as per Tribhuvan University. Students can choose the subject combination of their desire with Microbiology as their major subject. Currently, Students have the following options:

  • Microbiology + Botany + Chemistry
  • Microbiology +Chemistry + Zoology


B.Sc fourth year project work guideline.pdf

Revised Syllabus B.Sc First year and Second year-2073.pdf