Birendra Memorial College

Dharan-4, Bhupi Marga, Dharan




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Birendra Memorial College (BMC) popularly known as BMC was established in 2060 BS by a group of experienced and highly qualified TU lecturers & professionals.

BMC is the oldest and finest private bachelor college in Dharan. It is the right place for the students' quest for higher studies. It will provide them with the type of education they deserve. It's establishment aims at catering to the national needs of quality,committed and complement human resources in the areas of business and applied sciences.

At present the institute is running two major bachelor programs such as Bsc.CSIT and B.Sc Microbiology in Technical level and BA & BBS in Management level . It is located at Bhupi Marga, Dharan - 04. The place is quite suitable as it provides academic environment and peaceful surrounding and can be reached easily in Dharan.