Bachelor of Arts-BA - Tribhuvan University

Ongoing Admissions

Admission open at Janamaitri Multiple Campus for Bachelor level programs (Open: 2018-09-17 Close: 2018-12-15)

Admission Open for BA/BSW, BBM, BCA, and BBS at The ​Times International College (Open: 2018-08-17 Close: 2018-12-15)

Admission open for Bachelor Level programs at K and K International College (Open: 2018-08-26 Close: 2018-12-15)

Admission open for Bachelor Level Programs at National Integrated College (NIC) (Open: 2018-09-05 Close: 2018-12-15)

Admission open for BCA, BA, BSW, and BJMC programs at Dibyabhumi Multiple College (Open: 2018-09-09 Close: 2018-12-15)

Admission open in Nepal Mega college in BBM, BCA, BBS, BA and BSW programs (Open: 2018-08-23 Close: 2018-12-15)

Admissions open for BA/BSW, BBS, BBM, BCA and B.Sc CSIT in Kathmandu BernHardt College (Open: 2018-09-01 Close: 2018-12-15)

Admissions open for BA/BSW, BCA, BBA, BBM, and BBS programs at Kathmandu Model College (Open: 2018-09-01 Close: 2018-12-15)

Admissions open for Bachelor Level Programs at GoldenGate International College (Open: 2018-09-25 Close: 2018-12-15)

​Admissions open for BCA, BA, BSW and BBS programs at Triton International College (Open: 2018-09-15 Close: 2018-12-15)

Admissions open for different Bachelors level programs at Nesfield International College (Open: 2018-09-15 Close: 2018-12-15)

Greenfield National College (GNC) announces admission for Bachelor Programs (Open: 2018-09-08 Close: 2018-12-15)

Kathmandu College of Central State announces admission open in BBS, BA, BSW , BCA and MBS programs (Open: 2018-08-30 Close: 2018-12-22)

Khwopa College announces admissions for Bachelor Programs (Open: 2018-08-07 Close: 2018-12-15)

Lincoln College announces admissions open for BBM, BBS, BA/BSW and B.Ed (Open: 2018-09-28 Close: 2018-12-15)

Madan Bhandari Memorial College announces admission for BBM, BCA, BBS, B.Sc CSIT, BA & BSW programs (Open: 2018-08-23 Close: 2018-12-15)

Saraswati Multiple Campus announces admission open for Bachelor Programs (Open: 2018-09-30 Close: 2018-12-15)

Texas Int'l College and Texas College of Management & IT announce admission open in various Bachelor level programs (Open: 2018-08-23 Close: 2018-12-15)

Unique Academy/College announces admission open for BBS, BA and BSW programs (Open: 2018-11-01 Close: 2018-12-31)

Texas Int'l College and Texas College of Management & IT announce admission open in various Bachelor Level programs (Open: 2018-09-10 Close: 2018-12-15)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a course designed by Tribhuvan University to enhance students’ conceptual and theoretical understanding and methodological sills of respective subjects. On completion of this course, students possess theoretical knowledge and practical skills of recognized standard with which they can pursue their career in multitude of profession such as teaching, journalism, consultancy, social work activism, NGO, INGO and Government Organization services. Moreover, the completion of the course forms the foundation which enables them to pursue higher study, namely, Masters Degree in any university of the world.



  1. Students should have secured at least D+ in all subjects in Grade 11 and Grade 12. 


  1. Must have completed the intermediate, Proficiency Certificate or 10+2 level, in Humanities or Science or Management Stream from Tribhuvan University or from any other University or Board recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  2. Students desirous of studying Major English/Economics in the BA Program may do so, but are required to pass the Major English Subject within three years at +2 or PCL recognized by TU if they have not already studied this course at +2 or PCL Level
  3. Students who have studied any other subject at +2 or PCL level can apply for admission to Major subjects like Rural Development, Social Work and Sociology in the BA Program.
  4. Students desirous of studying Journalism and Mass Communication as a Major subject in BA program must have studied Journalism/Mass Communication at +2 or PCL can apply for Journalism subject.

Job prospectus

Further Studies

If the applicant wants to study any subject other then the one s/he has majored in BA, s/he may opt for Nepalese History, Culture and Archaeology, Rural Development, Political Science, Library Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Maithali, History, Nepal Bhasa, Strategies Studies, Geography, Conflict, Peace and Development Studies, Population Studies and Buddhist Studies.

In case of MA in English, Nepali and Sanskrit, applicants who have majored in the respective subjects from other faculties only may apply for admissions.

Curricular structure

Subjects in First Year (varies according to Major)

  • C. English
  • F.S.C English
  • C.Nepali/Alt. English
  • F.S.c Nepali
  • M.Music/M.Music (Lalitkala)/M.Psychology/History of Arts and Aesthetic (Lalitkala)/M.Journalism/M.Dance/M.Population Studies/M.Economics/Rural Development/F.s.C. History
  • M.English/Nepali/Hindi/Sanskrit/Maithili/Nepal Bhasa
  • M.Musitar/F.S.History/Film/M.Political Science/M.Home Science/Statitics
  • M.Geography/Buddhist Studies/M.Linguistics/M.History/M.Culture/F.s.Basic Films Theory
  • Sociology/Anthropology; M.Philosophy, M.Social Work, Sculp Tech Theory
  • M.Mathematics
  • M/Mathematics

Subjects in Second Year (varies according to Major)

  • C.English-202
  • History/Culture/Geography/Buddhist Studies/Linguistics-312
  • Political Science/Home Science-312/Math-321/F.S Act/Dir/MPP/Adu/Ed.310/320
  • Sociology-Anthropology/Social Work/Philosophy-312; Technical Theory (PTG/SCULP)402/316/317/Music-315
  • Nepali/English/Hindi/Sanskrit/Nepal Bhasa/Maithili-312
  • Pol.Science/Home Science-313,Math.-322
  • Econoics/Dance/Music/Journalism/Psychology/Rural Development/Population Studies-312, History of Fine Art Aesthetic 315/316
  • Sociology-Anthropology/Social Work/Philosophy-313; F.s.Sociology-Anthropology-317
  • Statistics-321
  • History/Culture/Geography/Buddhist Studies/Linguistics-313; F.S.-316 (Culture)
  • Nepali/English/Hindi/Sanskrit/Nepal Bhasa/Maithili-313
  • Economics/Dance/Music/Journalism/Psychology/Rural Development/Pop.Studies-313, Music-316, Folk Music & Culture F.s.(Psychology)-318

Subjects in Third Year (varies according to Major)

  • B.S.314, Geo.314, Hist.314, Ling.314, NeHca 314, FS-311 Acting/Directing/Editing/MPP/Audio/FS-321 Acting/DSW/Editing/MPP/Audio
  • Eng.314, Hindi 314, MAI.314, Nepal.314, NB 314, Sans.314, FS.313 Acting/Directing/Editing/MPP/Audio/FS-313 Acting/DSW/Editing/MPP/Audio
  • Psy.314, Dan.314, JMC 314, MUS.314, Music 320/Pop.Std 314, R.D.314, FS-312 Acting/Directing/Editing/MPP/Audio/FS-322 Acting/DSW/Editing/MPP/Audio/Economics-314
  • Pol.Sc.314, H.Sc.314, Math.331, Stat.331
  • B.S.315, Geo 315, Hist.315, Ling.315, NeHca 315
  • Math.333, History of Arts 321/322/501
  • Phil.314, Soc.Work 314, Socio/Anthro 314, FS 314 Acting/Directing/Editing/MPP/Audio/FS-324 Acting/DSW/Editing/MPP/Audio
  • Eng.315, Hindi 315, Mai.315, Nep.315, Sans.315, NB.315
  • H.Sc.315, Math.332, Pol.sC.315, Stat.332
  • Phil.315, Soc.Work 315, Socio./Anthro.315
  • Functional Paper 316
  • DAN.315, JMC.315, Mus.315, Music.321, Pop.Std.315, R.D.315, Psy.315, Economics 315, TECH.TH.(Painting) 502/322 TECH.TH.(Sculpture) 502
  • M.Math.334/335/336, TABALA (MUS) 325