Khwopa College

Dekocha-6, Bhaktapur

According to TU Decision dated 2080-4-7, Sharada Campus, Bhaktapur merged with Khowpa College, Bhaktapur.


Situated in the ancient, historical and cultural city of Bhaktapur, Khwopa College takes its name from its prehistoric name Khwopa. This college is the most influential academic institution in the district. 

The college is soundly driven ahead by competent and enthusiastic academic faculty being strongly backed by the people of Bhaktapur. Undertaken by Bhaktapur Municipality, Khwopa College was founded in 2001 with an academic policy of giving access to higher education to people of all economic and social strata. 

Khwopa College aims to give the nation leaders with sound theoretical and practical knowledge, competence and skill. This institution takes every academic session as a new beginning. 

The college is supported by experienced professors and invites subject experts and lecturers to achieve its mission. Khwopa College feels assured that it can be successful in achieving its goal because it maintains regular classes, in-depth practical assignments, field studies, excursions, report writing and internal examinations, which are recipes of success for every student. 


The vision of Khwopa College is to establish itself in Bhaktapur as the center of excellence. 


Khwopa College has a mission to make higher education accessible to all people regardless of their economic or social status.


  1. To assist on the mission of intellectualization of society
  2. To make a strong connection of education with productive labor
  3. To enable the new generation to cope with the challenges of the twenty first century
  4. To generate citizens with dignity of labor
  5. To promote the overall personality of the students
  6. To give the country competent, skilled and qualified human resources

Salient Features

  • Fully equipped laboratories 
  • Resourceful library and reference section  
  • Audio visual aids 
  • Multimedia and OHP 
  • Cafeteria 
  • Indoor and outdoor co-curricular activities
  • Field Visits 
  • Sports 
  • Free internet 
  • Twin buildings with 55 ropani premises 
  • Ecological Garden
  • Football ground 
  • Volleyball Court  
  • Basketball Court 
  • Auditorium  
  • Rain water harvesting 
  • Open stage 
  • Notice Board Service 

Admission Guidelines

Students wishing to get enrolled at Khwopa College can collect the admission form, prospectus and all other necessary information from the college administration. Duly filled up admission form accompanied by photos and fees should be submitted back to the administration within the stipulated deadline. 

For BBS and BA/BASW, students who have passed the +2 or equivalent examination in Science, Management, Humanities or Education streams are eligible to sit in the entrance exam conducted by the college on the beginning of the academic year. 

For BSc. Environment and BSc. Physics, students should pass the TU Entrance Exam. At the time of TU examination form fill up, BSc. student should submit Entrance Score Sheet. For BBM program students have to appear CMAT Entrance Examination. 

M.Sc Environmental Science

  1. Eligible candidates are required to submit photocopies of mark-sheets, certificates, etc.
  2. The candidates are required to appear in a written entrance test, which will be followed by an interview.
  3. The selection will be based on candidate's performance in the bachelor examination, the written test and the interview.

MBS/MA Economics and MA English

  1. Entrance exams will be taken by concerned Dean Office.



Khwopa College grants scholarship and awards to the talented and deserving students from each of the streams. The management committee based on recommendation made by the concerned committee selects the recipients of scholarships and awards


Khwopa College grants scholarships and awards to the talented and deserving students from each stream. The Management committee based on recommendation made by the concerned committee selects the recipients of scholarships and awards. Scholarships are available for the students admitted in B.Sc. (PCM/PSM), B.Sc. (Environmental Science), BBS and BA.

Particulars Scholarships No.
Toppers on the basis of entrance exam and +2/PCL grand score (One From each group) 100% 4
The Second topper students on the basis of entrance exam and +2/PCL grade score (One from each group) 50% 4
Students scoring the best from Khwopa SS (One in each Stream) 100% 3
Students scoring the second best from Khwopa SS (One in each Stream) 50% 3
Students holding first division with distinction from other different Secondary School 100%
Toppers from different Secondary Schools 100%



> Monthly fee 25% up-to 100% off for economically poor and intelligent students in each stream> Scholarships are provided only in monthly fee.

For the bachelor level 2nd and 3rd year students scholarships are available on the basis of internal exam and TU board exam from 25% up-to 100%.

  • Tribhuvan University
  • Established 2001 AD
  • community Institution
  • 01-6610932 | 01- 6618031


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