Khwopa College of Law

Dekocha, Bhaktapur

Established in 2022 AD, Khwopa College of Law is a notable institution in Dekocha, Bhaktapur-6, Nepal offering the BALLB program. 


Khwopa College of Law proudly operates under the guidance of Bhaktapur Municipality, delivering a commitment to providing top-notch legal education and shaping the next generation of legal professionals.

As an affiliated institution of Purbanchal University, Khwopa College of Law offers an all-encompassing 5-year BALLB (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws) program. This thoughtfully designed curriculum aims to instill a profound comprehension of law, legal systems, and vital skills necessary for excelling in the legal profession.

Prospective students can expect a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment at Khwopa College of Law, fostering critical thinking, extensive research, and practical learning opportunities. The dedicated faculty members bring a wealth of experience and dedication to support and mentor students throughout their academic journey.

Join the vibrant community at Khwopa College of Law and witness the seamless blend of excellence in legal education with a rich cultural heritage. Prepare to be empowered, inspired, and motivated to make a meaningful impact in the legal field and society.

Admission Guidelines

Admission Procedure

Application form for entrance examination is available from the college. Following fees should be paid for entrance examination.

  • Entrance Form Fee Rs. 600/-
  • oUniversity Entrance Fee Rs. 1400/-

Please contact the college for more information.


Khwopa College of Law take 60 seats each year for admission. Among them 10% i.e. 6 seats are allocated by the university for scholarships provided by Purbanchal University. Remaining 54 seats are fulfilled from college's entrance/admission process according to the quota prescribed by the college's guideline.

  • Students from Bhaktapur Municipality - 40%
  • Students from Bhaktapur District (Changunarayan, Suryabinayak & Madhyapur Municipality) - 15%
  • Students from Remote Area - 5%
  • General Category - 40%


Based on the Purbanchal University Scholarship entrance exam and interview, Scholarship is available for 10% of total quota. A separate form should be filled for the scholarship examination.

  • Purbanchal University
  • Established 2022 AD
  • community Institution
  • 01-6610932 | 01-6614336 | 01-6618031


Mahendra Bindeshwari Multiple Campus
Mahendra Bindeshwari Multiple Campus
  • Rajbiraj, Bishnupur, Saptari
Nepal Law Campus
Nepal Law Campus
  • Exhibition Road, Kathmandu
Mahendra Multiple Campus Nepalgunj
Mahendra Multiple Campus Nepalgunj
  • Bhansar Road, Nepalgunj, Banke
Butwal Multiple Campus
Butwal Multiple Campus
  • Butwal, Rupandehi


Khwopa Poly-Technic Institute
Khwopa Poly-Technic Institute
  • Chyamhasingh, Bhaktapur
Khwopa College
Khwopa College
  • Dekocha-6, Bhaktapur
Khwopa Secondary School
Khwopa Secondary School
  • Dekocha, Bhaktapur