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Physics is one of the fields of knowledge that underlies the physical universe and applies constantly to people's everyday lives. One of the major sciences, it seeks to explain the reasons matter acts the way it does and to describe the way matter interacts with other matter -- from subatomic particles to galaxies in the heavens. It can be as basic as the conversion of electrical energy to heat to make the morning coffee or as complex as plotting a space shuttle flight from Earth into orbit. Even though some concepts are initially difficult to grasp, the reward in terms of satisfaction and knowledge can make all the effort worth it.

Physics was introduced in Khwopa College in the year 2058 in the Bachelors Level and in Masters Level in the year 2061 BS. Since the date of establishment, this college has provided updated knowledge to cater to the needs of the generation. Encouraged and motivated to guard their mother earth, students from far and wide register their names for admission and quench their thirst for sharp knowledge of a range of subjects of Environmental Science.


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