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Salient Features

Hotel Management Lab

In order to hold the practical classes of Hotel Management course, the college takes the students to different star hotels and training centers to fulfill the objectives of the course.


Koteshwor Multiple Campus conducts two terminal examinations and a pre-board examination in an academic year. Pre-board examination is conducted right after the completion of the course. Students who are unable to pass the examination, need to appear and pass in re-examination otherwise they will not be allowed for Board examination.

Human Resources

Koteshwor Multiple Campus takes great pride in its brilliant teaching faculty that has excellent track record of academic success and experience. The team comprises of academicians, researchers, managers and entrepreneurs. Apart from being proficient academician, the faculty members are successful leaders their field with commitment to the highest standards of education. The faculty members, due to their academic training, management expertise and advance research expertise, enjoy high reputation at national and international level.


Library facility is available where students can have access to adequate collection of text books, references literature and a wide range of course materials. The library has also leading national newspapers and magazines. The college is planning to set up and electronic library for the students where students will have free access to wide range of electronic reference materials related to their courses.

Computer Lab

The college has set up a modern computer lab where students can enjoy free internet and email facilities. Some of the internet assignment will be based on internet so that students will be able to develop and sharpen their computer skills.

Admission Guidelines

For BA, B.Ed and BBS programs:

Students who have completed 10+2 or equivalent examinations securing minimum 'D+' grade in all subjects of Grade 11 and 12 are eligible to enroll.

For MBS program:

The student applying for admission to to MBS course must have successfully completed the BBS program or a bachelor degree on any discipline from Tribhuvan University or from any other university recognized by Tribhuvan University


Merit Based Scholarship for Guidelines for Grade XI



Students with an aggregate score of GPA4.0 (A+) in SEE

100% annual+ Tuition + Admission + Internal Exam Fee

Students with an aggregate score of GPA 3.6 (A)

100% Annual + Tuition + Internal Exam fee

Students with an aggregate score of GPA 3.2 (B+)

50% Tuition Fee off

Students with an aggregate score of GPA 2.8 (B)

Admission Fee off

Students with the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) from KTM-35

100% Tuition Fee off

  • Internal Exam Toppers and Final Exam Toppers in XI & XII - 100% Tuition Fee Off
  • Need-Based Scholarship for XI & XII will be granted as per the Rules and Regulations of Campus

Merit Based Scholarships for BBS 1st Year



Students with an aggregate score of 70% or above in the +2 Board Examination

100% Tuition Fee

Students with an aggregate score of 65% or above in the +2 Board Examination

50% Tuition Fee

Bachelor Student who scored highest marks in Economics from KMC in HSEB Board Exam

Bishwombhar Bhattarai Scholorship

Internal Exam Toppers and Final Exam Toppers in each level (Bachelor 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years) - 100% Tuition Fee Off

Need-Based Scholarship for Bachelor 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years will be granted as per the Rules and Regulations of Campus

Merit Based Scholarship for MBS 1st Year



Students with an aggregate score of 70% or above in BBS or 3.8 CGPA in BBA

100% Tuition Fee

Students with an aggregate score of 60% or above in BBS or 3.7 CGPA in BBA

50% Tuition Fee

Koteshwor Multiple Campus (KMC) Topper in BBS

100% Tuition Fee

Koteshwor Multiple Campus (KMC) 2nd to 5th Toppers in BBS

50% Tuition Fee

The student who completed +2 and BBS from Koteshwor Multiple Campus (KMC

50% Tuition Fee

The student who completed +2 or BBS from Koteshwor Multiple Campus (KMC

25% Tuition Fee

Injured person from Janaandolan II and War Victims (With evidences)

100% Tuition Fee

  • Internal Exam Toppers & Final Exam Toppers in each level (Bachelor 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years) - 100% Tuition Fee Off
  • Need-Based Scholarship for Bachelor 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years will be granted as per the Rules and Regulations of Campus


Established in 2047, Koteshwor Multiple Campus (KMC) and ideally located at Koteshwor, Mahadevsthan, Kathmandu. The campus works on the institutional aim at becoming the Center of Academic Excellence in the country. It offers BBS, B.Ed and BA Program in Bachelor level and MBS in Masters level. With affiliation from National Examination Board (NEB) it offers Ten plus two program in Management, Education and Humanities.

Koteshwor Multiple Campus (KMC) not only believes in imparting quality education but also focuses on preparing competent citizens ready to face challenges of the future. Hence, KMC has been an ideal abode for hundreds of education enthusiasts from all over the country. 

The campus is one of the very few leading public colleges in the nation imparting quality education through time- tested, student-oriented and globally-required strategies, including case studies, presentations, group discussions, seminars, workshops, field visits, guest lectures, surveys and other to enable the students to face the national and global challenges in the seas of opportunities.

Koteshwor Multiple Campus has been the prime choice of cream students from all over Nepal. KMC program will provide opportunities for students on an individual and group basis to develop social, intellectual and practical skills in the discipline of the choice and to develop a love of lifelong learning.


The assignments, project work and case analysis are designed to support this approach, also to aim students with skills to effectively manage themselves in the competitive world. The overall orientation of the program is towards preparing participants for high and employability. Because of these approaches, the students of Koteshwor Multiple Campus have gone ahead not just to maintain their scores but also to create history in competitive examinations in colleges of repute inside the country and abroad.

Besides academic achievements, the college also carries numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the overall development of the students. Students are encouraged to develop their personal leadership styles, and are provided with ample opportunity to interact with faculty and practitioners alike. The focus of the teaching pedagogy as a whole is to stimulate the students in a way that promotes the internalization of learning rather than examination and challenging traditional approaches to problem solving. 


Koteshwor Multiple Campus (KMC) aims at producing globally competitive citizens; self- reliant, skilled citizens to serve the nation by the proper use of local means and resources, and citizens with nationalistic vision who are able to meet the national goal and serve the nation as per the rules and policy of the government. Furthermore, they are committed to serving the diverse people of the Nation and beyond.


The mission of Koteshwor Multiple Campus is to advance education and create excellence, there's the proper combination of knowledge, wisdom and skill through qualitative teaching, research, innovation, public service, intellectual leadership and outreach in order to support the inclusive development of the nation and beyond.

Message from the Campus Chief

Govinda Bahadur Karki

Dear all,

From the day KMC came into existence, it has left no stone unturned in persistently aiming to attain its vision. Now, KMC has achieved eminence and strength in quality and quantity. This institution has been offering academic programs from +2 to Master's Degree with optimum educational achievement. The overall credit for this outstanding result goes to dedicated and experienced faculty members, staff, visionary managing committee, supportive and voracious students and support of all stakeholders. We are committed to make the educational experience for each of our students satisfying, fulfilling, and fun to transform the pursuit of knowledge and quest for one's career building into success.

As the current infrastructures of the Campus are felt inadequate for the students, it was necessary for the campus to construct its own building. So as to provide the needed classroom space and create an improved environment for teaching and learning, the Campus had decided to construct a building for a long time. The day was dream come true with its Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of KMC, at Jadibuti on June 11, 2016. Ambassador of India H.E. Ranjit Ray laid the foundation stone on the hundreds gathered auspicious ceremony. Thus, our journey from strength to stability has truly been established. With this stability, KMC will provide technical and vocational education as well as other subjects as per the demand of time. I assure you that KMC is an inevitable and inseparable part for higher studies .So let's not think why to join KMC, there is no option of KMC for quality education at an affordable fee structures.

Govinda Bahadur Karki
Campus Chief

Message from the Chairman

Mahendra Bahadur Pandey

Dear all,

I would like to extend my warm congratulations to all the students, parents and entire faculty as well as the management committee members for being part of the fruitful and successful journey of KMC over the last twenty- seven years. I take this grand opportunity to greatly value their indefatigable efforts which, I believe, have immeasurably contributed in bringing the abiding pride to KMC. I would also like to thank all the well-wishers for showing both love and trust in KMC. I also take this opportunity to express best wishes for the continued success of KMC as well as of the students and faculty members in the days ahead. I am confident that the enabling environment for excellence will be further nurtured by the creativity and diligence of the students; dedication and wisdom of the teaching faculties; and good planning and far-sighted vision of the management committee.

The year 2047 BS (1990 A.D.) was just like any other year in the calendar but it has been very fascinatingly connected with our present as well as with our future. Time does not pass, it continues! I have taken the twenty- seven years of KMC as a good start for a more wonderful and more successful future of KMC. It should not go without saying that it requires more perseverance, more efforts and more contribution. I sincerely hope that with collective efforts of all the students, parents, faculty members, management committee and well-wishers as well, KMC will be able to achieve its long cherished vision of contributing to bringing positive and constructive changes in the society with its quality education at affordable price. It is very exciting to note that KMC is getting along with its vision and we are ready for unfolding more successful chapters in the future. In fact, it is really inspiring. It is worthwhile to mention at this point of time that KMC started its humble journey with just 49 students and few TU teachers in 2047 BS. Now the Campus has more than two thousand students and around five dozen dedicated quality teachers. Apart from the faculties of Commerce, Education and Humanities, the Campus is planning to launch more streams and specializations as per the demand of time and need of the society. The campus has also paid due attention to incorporate latest technologies in teaching-learning modules. It is hoped that such advancements promoted by the Campus for qualitative education will be much easier after constructing and shifting to its own building in the space provided by the Government in Jadibuti. Even the foundation Stone Laying Ceremony has recently been completed. I thank all who contributed a lot with their tireless efforts for the stability of Campus.

Lastly, I again wish KMC a complete success in its vision and mission, and all those associated with the Campus even brighter and more successful days ahead.

Mahendra Bahadur Pandey