Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

4 years

This BA program is designed by Purbanchal University to enhance students’ conceptual and theoretical understanding and methodological sills of respective subjects. On completion of this course, students possess theoretical knowledge and practical skills of recognized standard with which they can pursue their career in multitude of profession such as teaching, journalism, consultancy, social work activism, NGO, INGO and Government Organization services.

Moreover, the completion of the course forms the foundation which enables them to pursue higher study, namely, Masters Degree in any university of the world. 


Those students who have completed intermediate or +2 or equivalent degree in any discipline may apply. The applicant should appear and pass written entrance test taken by the University. Finally, he or she has to appear on personal or group interview conducted by the college.

Curriculum and DurationThis is a three-year course having 15 papers in total. Major subjects comprise eight papers: three major subjects in the first and second year; and five major subjects in the third year and seven compulsory and optional or non-compulsory subjects in the first and second year.

Curricular Structure

First Year

Course Code Course
CENG 101 Com. English I
CNEP101 नेपाली ब्याकरण तथा बोध र अभिव्यक्ति
M.ENG101 A Concise History of English Literature (Paper I)
M.NEP101 नेपाली आख्यानको अध्ययन (Paper I)
M.ECO101 Mirco Economic Analvsis (Paper I)
M.ENG.102 Introduction to English Language and Linguistics (Paper-II)
M.NEP102 नेपाली कविताको अध्ययन (Paper II)
M.ECO102 Nepalese Economy and Contemporary Issues (Paper-II)
M.SOC101 Introduction to Sociology (Paper I)
M.SOC.102 Introduction to Anthropology (Paper-II)

Second Year

Course Code Course
CENG201 English II
M.SOC201 Sociological Perspective: Micro and Macro
M.SOC202 Society and Culture in Nepal
M.NEP201 सामान्य र एतिहासिक ऐतिहासिक भाषा विज्ञान तथा लिपि विज्ञान
M.ENG201 Study of British and American Essays
M.ECO201 Banking Public Finance and International Trade
M. NEP202 नेपाली नाटकको अध्ययन
M.ENG202 Study of British and American Poetry
M.ECO202 Macro Economics

Third Year

Course Code Course
CRES301 Research Methodology
CCOM301 Computer Fundamentals and Applications
M.SOC301 Diversity and Inequality in Nepal
M.SOC302 Intersectionality: Class, Caste, Gender & Religion Based Inequality
M.ECO301 Agriculture Economy
M.ENG.301 Short Stories and Novella
M.NEP301 नेपाली भाषा र साहित्यको ऐतिहासिक अध्ययन