Kantipur College of Medical Science (KCMS)



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Kantipur College of Medical Science (KCMS), a renowned Technical and Science College, is committed to excellence. In the glorious 8 years, the college has succeeded to establish itself to the educational arena of Nepal.

KCMS is currently offering courses for M.Sc Microbiology, B.Sc Microbiology, Diploma in Pharmacy,Diploma in Lab Technician and Health Assistant.

Vision and Mission 
  • Civilized society and employment oriented education are our goal. 
  •  Quality education is our commitment. 
  •  It is developing with sound facilities for better teaching and learning activities which can enhance the globally competent education 
  •  We have been putting on all our efforts to maintain and better the purely academic culture and environment where the aspiring young scholars can ratify themselves 
  •  We believe that we don’t just teach but rather facilitate the students to bring out the underlying potentials in them 
  •  We nurture dignity and discipline among and between students and guardian communities.

Contact Address
Kantipur College of Medical Science
Sitapaila, Kathmandu

Salient features


Academic excellence is confirmed in KCMS .Our well experienced teachers are best in their fields most of them awarded with honors and medals.

The institute will provide the facility of on the training in the major pharmaceutical companies as well as hospitals and department of of drug administration so that the students will have practical knowledge about drug manufacturing ,marketing and its quality control.

The college is furnished with well-equipped laboratories which are the one of the best in the valley.

Our library has rich collection of course books,reference books,newspapers and medical journals.Our students have access to many of the best books.

Presentations,assessments and class test are carried out through out the academic year to boost up students confidence and intellectual ability.

Study tours and excursions enrich the students knowledge with practical aspects of pharmacy.

College is furnished with audiovisual lab,TV,VCR,OHP,Power points,computers.

There is facility of games and sports such as basketball,table tennis,badminton,cricket etc.

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Sitapaila Kathmandu