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Kamaladi, Ganeshthan, Kathmandu
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Uniglobe SS/College was established with the sole objective of serving the nation in gaining a titanic leap in today's global scenario headed for 21st century relevant Science, Management, and Law education.

The college is located at the heart of the nation’s capital, Kamaladi -31, Kathmandu. Uniglobe SS/College of +2 Science, +2 Management, and +2 Law is the learning home of general and medical science, engineering and information technology, and a SciTech carter, and of general, elective, and modern management streams in Nepal.

Salient Features

Resources and Facilities

Most Appealing Premises

Uniglobe SS/College operates all its academic programs in a cost-effective but very congenial environment enriched with ultra-modern facilities.

Class Rooms

Uniglobe SS/College classrooms are indeed real places designed to ensure high learning outcomes supported by benchmark standards such as AC support, fire alarm, smoke detector, air ducts, multimedia, and high-speed internet.

Conference Hall

Uniglobe SS/College has a very spacious and well-equipped conference hall with a capacity of more than 300 seats. The conference hall is a techno-equipped place where various kinds of co-curricular activities such as stage performance programs, conferences, presentations, talk shows, and exhibitions.


Uniglobe SS/College provides an updated and resourceful library facility to assist in making the teaching-learning process become enriched and complete. The library has a wide collection of books on science and management, encyclopedias, dictionaries, periodicals (journals, magazines, bulletins etc.), multimedia, and soft learning devices.

Computer Lab

Uniglobe SS/College is incomparably enriched with a computer lab consisting of branded LED computers with unlimited internet facilities.


The cafeteria of Uniglobe SS/College is managed with quality services with the standard menu of breakfast, snacks, and main courses. Varieties of health-friendly local, as well as a continental menu guaranteed quality, are served at a reasonable cost.


Uniglobe SS/College deputes a number of buses as needed for convenient and unrestricted conveyance facilities. The buses as well as student-friendly microbuses are operated for students to receive transportation services from any part of the ring road within Kathmandu.

Admission Guidelines


Students seeking admissions at Uniglobe are required to pose an education profile: SEE or equivalent degree with minimum

  • Grade ‘B’ for Science (C+ in Science and Mathematics and D+ in EnglishSocial Studies, and Nepali )
  • Grade ‘C’ for Management in aggregate (D+ in MathematicsEnglishNepaliSocial Studies, and Science)
  • Grade ‘C’ for Law in aggregate (D+ in MathematicsEnglishNepaliSocial Studies, and Science)

Entrance Test

Students must appear in an entrance test as scheduled by Uniglobe. The test comprises objective questions from related subjects such as

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English for Science;
  • Mathematics, English, Nepali, and General Knowledge for Management and 
  • Mathematics, English, Nepali, and General Knowledge for Law.

Psychometric Test

To develop and strengthen the intelligence (mixture of several abilities) of a student, Uniglobe has introduced an intelligence test (psychometric test) that comprises self-rated questions. Students must appear in this test to assess their multiple intelligences so that college can mold them as per their areas of interest. 


The successful candidates in the entrance tests are called for an interview along with their guardians/parents. 

Final Result for Admission:

The final result of the candidates for admission is published on the basis of the weighted average of the Entrance ExamInterview, and SEE score.

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Uniglobe College
Uniglobe College
  • New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

About Us

Uniglobe SS/College is promoted by a group of professors, long experienced academicians, and professionals motivated to contribute to the field of establishing time demanded educational institutions of distinctive identity in Nepal. The team comprises professors and educational experts contributing to diverse sectors at home and abroad. The college founders are from major promoters Uniglobe College, who have been running University Programs ranging from bachelor's and master's degrees.


Uniglobe SS/college aims to be a world-class, research-driven, independent Centre of Science and Management Education that ensures a conducive environment to groom and nurture potential individuals to be future scientists, researchers, doctors, engineers, pilots, medical doctors, proficient technicians, business entrepreneurs, managers, and business leaders to serve humanity at home and abroad.


Our mission is to develop a referral learning abode in the academic discipline of Management, Science, and Technology with boundless opportunities and career in the field of business administration, entrepreneurship and business leadership, and management research in addition to research and inventions in general science, medical science, engineering, and technology by imparting time-tested and life-centered quality education in a congenial environment deploying it for service to humanity.


  • To construct and disseminate research-based knowledge in management, science, and technology;
  • To develop leadership in the field of business, science, and technology in an innovative teaching-learning environment with a special focus on problem-solving methods and practical course deliveries;
  • To ensure a nurturing environment for business and entrepreneurial innovations, scientific discoveries and inventions in general and medical science, engineering, and technology; and in the field of modern management studies; and
  • To contribute to the welfare and development of society at local, national, and global levels by ensuring quality education in management, science, and technology.

Message from the Principal

Ashok Kumar Choudhary

The future dreams of a nation can get substantiated only if its youths are concurrently mobilized to grasp knowledge, skills, and ideas. It must stand instrumental to controlling the changing situations and tackling the challenges of the 21st century.

A sound learning platform with proven efficiency geared to quality learning in the field of management, law, science, and technology is fiercely crucial for achieving a superb vision in the 21st-century academic milieu. Realizing the need for indomitable expertise in the areas of management, law, science and technology, Uniglobe has envisioned helping young dynamic scholars grab a plethora of opportunities. Uniglobe practices innovative and explorative activities such as group projects, leadership activities, critical and creative thinking activities, research activities, national and international science exhibitions to materialize its vision.

The sound and academically proven pedagogy blended with time-tested teaching-learning technology applicable to achieving curricular objectives of Uniglobe SS/College convincingly add up vigor to its highly professional teaching faculty who are appointed from diverse academic and intellectual portfolios of science, management, and law streams.

I would be more than happy to welcome you to the Uniglobe family to ensure your best future with commitments to your dreams.

Ashok Kumar Choudhary