Uniglobe Secondary School

Kamaladi, Ganeshthan, Kathmandu
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Uniglobe Secondary School was established with the sole objective of serving the nation in gaining a titanic leap in today's global scenario headed for 21st century relevant Science, Management, and Law education.

The college is located at the heart of the nation’s capital, Kamaladi -31, Kathmandu. Uniglobe Secondary School of +2 Science, +2 Management, and +2 Law is the learning home of general and medical science, engineering and information technology, and a SciTech carter, and of general, elective, and modern management streams in Nepal.

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Salient Features

Conference Hall

Uniglobe SS boasts a large and well-equipped hall with a capacity to accommodate 300 individuals simultaneously. This spacious hall is equipped with state-of-the-art technological devices to facilitate co-curricular activities such as conferences, presentations, talk shows, exhibitions, and group events held at regular intervals. The hall is designed to provide optimal comfort and convenience, with features including air conditioning, multimedia capabilities, a performance-friendly stage setup, and other necessary facilities.


Uniglobe SS houses well-equipped labs that cater to various fields of science, management, and law. The science labs are divided into sections equipped with the necessary apparatus for conducting practical experiments in subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Additionally, there is a dedicated management lab equipped with assets and equipment specifically tailored for practical learning in hotel management. These labs at Uniglobe SS are designed to be spacious, allowing each student to actively participate and remain fully engaged during practical sessions.


Uniglobe SS offers a modern and well-stocked library that plays a crucial role in supporting the teaching and learning process. Our library houses an extensive collection of books covering management, science, and technology, as well as encyclopedias, dictionaries, periodicals (including journals, magazines, and bulletins), multimedia resources, and digital learning devices. With a diverse range of audiovisual materials and access to an e-library, students have ample opportunities for self-study and exploration.


Uniglobe SS has dedicated ample space for a wide range of sports, both outdoor and indoor, for students to engage in. The college sports club, led by students and guided by appointed coaches, utilizes the sports facilities at Uniglobe SS. Popular sports are given prominence, with outdoor games organized as inter-program competitions by the students' club, encouraging participation from different programs. Additionally, Uniglobe SS students have numerous opportunities to take part in inter-college sports competitions and various sports events held during the annual fiesta or sports meet. The annual sports meet is a significant event that gathers all students and aims to provide them with exposure to sports education. This fosters not only fitness and health but also teamwork, collaboration, and confidence-building. Uniglobe SS boasts a basketball court built to standard size, and a futsal ground. The facilities also include table tennis boards, a badminton court, and indoor venues for other sports.

Residential Learning Center

Uniglobe SS operates a residential learning center within its premises. This center is designed to meet the requirements of parents and students who choose to enhance their studies in a residential setting. Under the supervision of dedicated faculty and managers, the center provides academic guidance and motivation to bring out the students' inherent potential.


Recognizing the crucial role of food in maintaining health and hygiene, which directly impacts cognitive function, Uniglobe SS has incorporated an on-campus cafeteria. This cafeteria is dedicated to providing students, faculty, and visitors with nutritious meals and snacks. Operating throughout the day, from morning until late evening, the cafeteria ensures that students have access to fresh meals and snacks during study breaks. The menu is carefully planned, offering a variety of items that change throughout the week. Special attention is given to maintaining hygiene and quality in the food served to students, faculty, and staff, following standard nutritional guidelines for each prepared item. In addition to continental dishes, the cafeteria at Uniglobe SS also offers a selection of different cuisines that can be ordered à la carte during working hours.

Computer Lab

Uniglobe SS possesses a state-of-the-art computer lab equipped with modern smart LCD computers and unlimited internet access. With a student-to-computer ratio of one-to-one, the lab houses 40 desktops, ensuring that each student has adequate access for academic, research, and technological tasks. The lab also grants students access to intellectual resources from Uniglobe SS's e-library, allowing them to conduct literature reviews and gather online resources for their projects. It serves as an active platform where students engage in subject-specific practical tasks, including computer science studies. The lab's advanced technological systems and services enable Uniglobe SS students to undertake various activities such as designing business simulations, creating projects, gathering data for reports, designing digital presentations, and much more.


Uniglobe SS provides a fleet of deluxe and child-friendly buses to ensure convenient transportation services. These buses, along with student-friendly micro-buses, are available to transport students from any part of the Kathmandu valley within the ring road.

Admission Guidelines

Entrance Test

Students must appear in an entrance test as scheduled by Uniglobe. The test comprises objective questions from related subjects such as

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English for Science;
  • Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge for Management and Law.


The successful candidates in the entrance tests are called for an interview along with their guardians/parents. 

Final Result for Admission

The final result of the candidates for admission is published on the basis of the weighted average of the Entrance Test, Interview, and SEE score.


Uniglobe SS offers scholarship benefits to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds or marginalized communities, as per the NEB scholarship criteria. Additionally, a significant number of students who apply for scholarships are eligible for the merit scholarship program at Uniglobe SS. To be considered for the merit scholarships, candidates must successfully pass the qualifying exams, which are competitive tests conducted annually during the admission process.

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Uniglobe College
Uniglobe College
  • New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

About Us

Uniglobe Secondary School has developed an advanced educational and technological system to cater to modern learners in today's globalized contexts. The institution's strength lies in its up-to-date and innovative educational systems, aligned with national and international standards. With administrative support, Uniglobe Secondary School provides learners with quality experiences and opportunities for innovation.

The institution is governed by a distinguished Board of Directors consisting of highly esteemed academicians who have earned a prominent leadership position through their extensive experience in school and higher education management. The board members of Uniglobe SS are renowned for their unique approaches and successful track record in managing educational institutions, particularly in line with international standards. They have established a strong reputation through their exceptional research profiles and study experiences at prestigious universities both domestically and internationally.

Uniglobe Secondary School provides high-quality education utilizing top-notch resources to produce highly sought-after individuals who contribute to personal and societal development. Nurturing adolescents is a challenging endeavor, requiring dedication, efficiency, and a focus on motivation, guidance, and counseling rather than harsh disciplinary measures. Uniglobe SS has successfully demonstrated its commitment to this approach.


Uniglobe SS aims to be a world-class, research driven, independent centre for Science, Management, Law and other disciplines of career significance. In pursuant to this essential and overarching vision, Uniglobe SS creates conducive learning environment appropriated with decency to groom and nurture potential individuals to be the future scientists, researchers, doctors, engineers, pilots, medical doctors, proficient technicians, business entrepreneurs, managers, legal experts, business leaders, and able citizens who shall be capable to serve themselves, their society and humanity at large..

Mission of Uniglobe

The mission is to develop Uniglobe SS as a referral learning abode in the academic discipline of Management, Science, Law, and other areas of academic and career significance with boundless opportunities and career in the field of business administration, entrepreneurship and business leadership, and management in addition to research and invention in life-sciences; medical studies, engineering, technology, and more... by imparting time-tested and contextually relevant quality education in congenial environment deploying itself for service to humanity.

Objectives of Uniglobe

  • To construct and disseminate research-driven knowledge in law, management, science, and technology;
  • Develop leadership in the field of business, science, and technology and in legal sector resulting from education guaranteed in innovative teaching - learning environment with special emphasis on problem solving methods and course delivery that is fully practical;
  • Ensure conducive environment for business and entrepreneurial innovations, scientific discoveries and inventions in general and medical science, engineering, and technology; and in the field of modern management studies; and
  • Contribute to the welfare and development of society at local, national, and global levels by ensuring quality education in management, science, and technology.

Message from the Chairman/Principal

Khagendra P. Ojha

As a life-time dedicated and responsible person to education sector, I have intensified my dedication in the transformation of Uniglobe SS to become a center of excellence for education in Science, Management, Law and other disciplines of value for 21st century learners. Inspired by this marvelous vision, I have been directly guiding, monitoring and mentoring faculty and students of this dream institution ‘ensuring that every single student finds happiness along with enjoying success in her/his academic results’.

We operate each of our programs in highly facilitated physical and learning environment. The infrastructural aspects are maintained to building entire process of learning that is enriched pertinently in the combination of a series of innovative curricula, sports, interpersonal skills focused trainings, and educational practices that we feature with international educational benchmarks.

Dr. Khagendra P. Ojha