Because of its excellent job potential, law is an appealing subject and a popular choice in any country. Nepal isn't an outlier. From monarchy to republic, from customary to legislative, and from Janga Bhadur's Muluki Ain to Nepal's new criminal and civil code 2075, Nepal's judicial system has gone through numerous eras.

Uniglobe's introduction of law at the +2 level gives our prospective students a comprehensive set of abilities that will enable them to succeed in a variety of professional situations, not just as lawyers. Among the skills that our students will learn are:

  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Communication (both in Nepali and English)
  • Analysis and
  • Critical Judgment

Uniglobe's +2 Law program provides students with several opportunities to supplement their existing knowledge with a wider range of significant theoretical and practical insights from experts who have lived experience. Uniglobe's students will gain a wide understanding of important legal ideas, various legal systems, and institutions with political, social, economic, and cultural dimensions through which the law operates through this course.

Students will benefit from learning tools and personal feedback from our tutors as they are taught in small groups by trained lawyers with extensive practice experience. During the +2 levels, Uniglobe prepares its students for their future degree so that they can enthusiastically accelerate with academic abilities and a solid footing in the subject. Students then pursue a full undergraduate degree in the United States or overseas.

Course Composition in +2 Law

Grade XI Grade XII
 Comp. English
 Comp. Nepali
 Social Studies and Life Skills Education
 Jurisprudence and Legal Theories
 Procedural Law
 Constitutional Law
Comp. English
Comp. Nepali
Social Studies and Life Skills Education
Nepalese Legal System
Legal Drafting
Civil and Criminal Law and Justice
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