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Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu
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Salient Features


GSS provides unfailingly updated library facility as the most prioritized learning resource center developed to assisting the teaching-learning process. There are wide collections of texts and references books relating different subdivisions of science and technology, encyclopedias, dictionaries, periodicals, journals, magazines, bulletins, multimedia, and soft learning devices. Along with physical resources, the school has converted the library with an installation of advanced digital and e-learning systems connected to a wide range of learning resources providing the end users an unlimited access to global learning networks, web-media resources, learning platforms, and virtual dissemination of scientific publications like research journals and other different media of knowledge.

Activity and Conference Halls:

GSS has a mini-sized seminar hall and well-spacious as well as a technologically enriched conference hall with more than 100 capacities. The halls are used in a full-fledged way for most of the in-house curricular activities entailing workshops, seminars, projects, conferences, presentations, talk shows, exhibitions, and other group events as some examples. The halls are well-equipped with assets that avail modern facilities such as AC, multimedia, dramatic stages, and other essentials.

Science Labs:

GSS has a central laboratory sub-divided into physics, biology, chemistry science labs. The labs are fully equipped with experimental equipment providing a repertoire of science tools, materials, accessories, technologies, etc. installed in proportion to the total number of students in class offering each an engagement for full time learning during the practical sessions.

Semi-Residential Learning Center:

In addition to regular class times, GSS offers its scholars seeking beyond-the-class learning support a semi-residential facility in the dormitory model. The semi-residential halls and cabins are annexed within the school premises to cater to the needs of parents and students desiring for close inspection and guidance that would bring out the best from learners.


As an integral component that motivates the learning individuals with a healthy environment, Global School of Science (GSS) organizes a range of outdoor and indoor sports that reinforce student's progression in academic performance. Sports are both regular and occasional events at GSS lending students fairly full exposure to self-intuited participation in varying fun-oriented activities, different physical and intellectual games aligned with academic involvements. The school encourages students to reinvigorate sportsmanship to refreshing intellectual capabilities as would be essential to emit best in learning science. On different occasions, GSS students practice the outdoor as well as indoor games such as Futsal, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton and Table Tennis, etc.

Computer Lab:

Supportive of the main learning system at GSS is the computer lab well-equipped with branded computers networking unlimited internet facilities and resources. The lab is a full-time operating section at GSS that provides each student with easy access to globally networked e-learning resources via different virtual and cloud-based technology.


GSS offers its students on demand deluxe transportation facility. Students from different locations within Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur can book the school buses for conveyance. The school buses and child-friendly micro-buses are arranged from any part of ring road within the Kathmandu Valley well facilitated by trained manpower.

Admission Guidelines


Students seeking admissions at Global School of Science (GSS) are required to pose education profile: SEE or equivalent degree with minimum Grade 'B' (GPA 2.8 above) in aggregate.

Entrance Test:

Students must appear in an entrance test as scheduled by GSS. The test comprises objective questions from related subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English.

Psychometric Test:

To develop and strengthen intelligence (a mixture of several abilities) of a student, GSS has introduced an intelligence test (psychometric test) that comprises of self-rated questions. Students must appear in this test to assess their multiple intelligences so that school can shape them as per their areas of interest.


The successful candidates through entrance tests are called for an interview along with their guardians/ parents.

The final result for admission:

The final result of the candidates for admission is published on the basis of the weighted average of the entrance test, interview and SEE score.


Highest scorer in an average of SEE GPA, entrance and interview at GSS (1)

-->Admission and monthly fee 100% off.

Underprivileged, Dalit, Aadibasi Janajati, Madhesi, Remote area and Financially poor group* (6)

-->Admission and monthly fee 100% off.

GPA between 3.2-3.59 in SEE**:

-->Admission fee 25% off.

GPA between 3.6-3.69 in SEE**:

-->Admission fee 50% off, monthly fee 20% off.

GPA between 3.7-3.79 in SEE**:

-->Admission fee 50% off and monthly fee 30% off.

GPA between 3.8-3.89 in SEE**:

-->Admission fee 100% off, annual fee 30% off and monthly fee 50% off.

GPA between 3.9-3.94 in SEE**:

-->Admission fee 100% off, annual fee 75% off and monthly fee 80% off.

GPA between 3.95 and above in SEE**:

-->Admission fee 100% off, annual fee 100% off and monthly fee 80% off.

NEB Exams First Position Holder at GSS in grade XI***:

-->Tuition fee 100% off for one year in grade XII.

NEB Exams Second Position Holder at GSS in grade XI***:

-->Tuition fee 75% off for one year in grade XII.

NEB Exams Third Position Holder at GSS in grade XI***:

-->Tuition fee 50% off for one year in grade XII.

Terms Exams First Position Holder at GSS in grade XI:

-->Tuition fee 60% off for three months.

Terms Exams Second Position Holder at GSS in grade XI:

-->Tuition fee 40% off for three months.

Term Exams Third Position Holder at GSS in grade XI:

-->Tuition fee 20% off for three months.

GSS Excellence Award to the highest scorer in the average of Grade XI and XII in NEB exams***

-->Trophy with Cash Prize

GSS Best Student of the batch (Boys and Girls)

-->Trophy with Cash Prize


In case of repetition of scholarship to a single candidate under different criteria, the single scholarship will be valid for the highest value.

The scholarship is subject to discontinuation in the next session if the recipient student is unable to maintain his/her academic position and also the discipline of Global School of Science.

* Student must:

  • belong to the particular community;
  • have NEB recommendation letter;
  • have the highest marks among the applicants;
  • submit the proof of economically poor.

** The Global School of Science (GSS) reserves the right to fix the quota as per the requirement.

*** The Global School of Science (GSS) reserves the right to evaluate the academic score by considering the marks of internal and board examination.

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About Us

Global School of Science (GSS) is a sister concern of Global College of Management under Professional Educators Limited, is an excellent center for education which prepares every individual to grow with science and technology as valuable knowledge assets of life within the emerging fast-paced scientific cultures. 

GSS operates secondary science in a tie with most reputable and respected national and international academic benchmarks that disseminate science education fully pertinent with Nepal's national goals in pair with international curricula and consistently updated syllabus allowing innovation in teaching-learning approaches, patterns, and systems. An exclusive center of Science Global School of Science (GSS) offers Ten Plus Two (10+2) in Science under the affiliation of National Examination Board (NEB).

Modeled for quality in science, Global School of Science (GSS) conducts overall pedagogy with academic approaches in a learning environment that encourage students for outstanding performance in science not merely to perform in exams but also for practices leading to new discoveries of thought, knowledge, ideas, skills as idealized to developing 21st-century scholarship.

The GSS learning environment is well coordinated in providing learners with an exposure to changing perspectives as essential for today's and future generations to surge into tomorrow's local and global contexts.

GSS academic approaches are student-centered based on a principle of constructivism with practices that encourage learners to understand science as a significant discipline to combat and successfully cope with 21st-century technology-induced changes and challenges that enable communities of school learners to invent scientific acumen for living through.

Global School of Science (GSS) is framed to offer each of its incumbents an immensely experimental and real-life integrated learning who can look forward to a comprehensive and seamless educational experience within the science program and beyond.

Message from the Principal

Amba Datt Joshi

Dear prospective scholars and guardians, choosing where to pursue higher secondary education after SEE is a major decision and often a perplexing one to conscious students and their guardians. I hope your search for an innovative and dynamic college where you can enjoy study in an invigorating atmosphere of learning with optimal academic achievement will end at GSS if you want to build your career in the field of Science and Technology.

We have a long tradition of academic achievement at GSS, where we set high expectations for each of our students to achieve their full potential, to bring the best out of them and to prepare them ultimately for the challenges ahead in their career and life. We believe there is no short cut to success and therefore, always lay focus on diligence, dedication and discipline while imparting quality education. Consequently our students have been consistently getting phenomenal academic achievements that have added glory to the college by securing high ranks in board exams, getting enrolled in prestigious university programs like CA, Medical and Engineering at home and abroad, and then handling prestigious positions in their professional life and running their own successful business ventures.

Our educational system is designed to enthuse our students through an innovative approach, enlighten them with real life education going far beyond the bookish knowledge, and empower them with valuable life skills to grow into a confident, successful and responsible individual who can lead from the front in an organization and society as well. We strive to ensure the all round development of our students providing them meticulously planned and prepared co-curricular extra-curricular activities throughout the academic session.

I feel proud to express that the college is performing extremely well in all the aspects to ensure academic excellence. The clear vision of the management together with the systematic implementation of the vision and mission by the administration, dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff, cooperation of parents and the hard work of the students have helped GCM get branded as an excellent centre of excellence for management study.

Our journey towards excellence continues, and I invite all of you to join it for your bright future. 

With best wishes!

Amba Datt Joshi