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Valley View School

Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu

PG - 10


Valley View School is located at Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is an ‘A’ grade school and public incorporation run by Professional Educators Limited with the philosophy ‘Education for Personality Development’. The school places great emphasis on helping children to grow into thoughtful, responsible adults with a strong sense of right and wrong.

The children at Valley View are at the center of everything that the school does and the school's aim is to give them the best opportunities that they possibly can. The school believe that parents value the outstanding care, guidance and support the children receive. School's high standards are a credit to the hard work of the children, staff and parental support.

Valley View School educates every child to the best of his or her ability. Equality of opportunity is fundamental to school ethos. The school has a skilled and dedicated team who are committed to providing the best education for every child. 

The methods of teaching used are varied and flexible, according to the activity planned and the needs of the children. There is a balance of whole class teaching, group work and individual work. The children also have the chance to plan their own learning, to make decisions and to take responsibility. 

Valley View School commits to equal opportunities, to ensure that all children have equal access to the curriculum and that they develop a positive image of themselves.


The school envisions itself as a distinct and progressive academic institute with participatory learning, focused knowledge, skill and character development geared by inspiring faculties towards excellence with social awareness.


The mission of Valley View School is to serve the society with perfection producing compassionate, self-motivated and well educated individuals capable of independent thinking and innovative ideas.

Salient Features

Music and Dance Lab

Music classes are conducted on weekdays from Sunday to Friday during working hours, while cultural programs that include inter-class and inter-house competitions are held on weekdays. Students participate in vocal and instrumental practices led by professional music instructors. Similarly, dance classes are also provided on a regular basis by professional instructors. Students are exposed to a variety of folk, modern, ethnic, and culturally diverse dance forms, which they can choose according to their preferences.


The students hailing from various regions of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktpur are offered affordable and comfortable transportation services by the school through buses and vans. The transportation operators at VVES are well-trained in safety measures, language protocols, and interpersonal etiquettes, and ensure that the students are treated as school students until they are safely handed over to their guardians.

Science Lab

The school is equipped with a modern and well-equipped laboratory that contains all the necessary equipment for conducting practical courses in physics, chemistry, and biology. The lab is supported by a science head and expert teaching staff. The science club, which consists of members from various levels including the science head, teaching staff, and students, organizes science exhibitions to enhance students' confidence and improve their practical learning abilities in science.


The students are provided with separate and homely hostels for boys and girls where they can develop their physical and intellectual personalities. Each hostel is supervised by full-time residential faculties, including Chinese native teachers who serve as guardians for the students. The additional tutorial classes facilitate a lot of give-and-take activities between the students and their teachers.


During their Tiffin break, students can enjoy hygienic snacks and lunches with a menu of their choice. The cafeteria ensures utmost care is taken to cater to diverse tastes and maintain hygiene standards. The menu is filled with high-quality and nutritious food items throughout the school hours, including weekends, from the very first day of school.


The school library houses a vast collection of valuable books that includes modern and relevant reference material. The library is efficiently managed with the help of digital software and a computerized recording system. It remains open on all working days for ten hours, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Students from kindergarten to grade X are encouraged to borrow books from various disciplines appropriate for their learning age and review literature for their homework as well as school work.


The school provides students with both indoor and outdoor sports facilities that are scheduled as per a range of curricular term-wise and week-long routines. During the sports week celebration, students take part in competitions representing their respective houses and also represent the school at inter-school sports competitions. Various age-appropriate sports such as basketball, table tennis, football, athletics, and others bring students together with a high spirit of learning and teamwork.

Computer Lab

The school has made computer education a compulsory course in the curriculum for primary to secondary level students. To facilitate this, the computer lab is equipped with fast working computers in a ratio of one computer per student for everyday lab work. The lab also provides full-day internet facilities that are available for student access under the close guidance and supervision of the lab in-charges and computer teachers.

Admission Guidelines

  • Form submission
  • Written Test
  • Interviews (students and parents)

The prospective students and parents are invited to visit the school during the working hours. Guardians seeking admissions for their wards are advised to call at the office hours to schedule a visit and get appointment with the principal.


The school provides full and partial scholarship on merit basis. Besides this, ethnic minorities, needy and disadvantage groups are recommended by the education office of Kathmandu, are provided scholarship to study at VVES. The scholarship incentives on trend are:

Professional Education scholarship

Class wise first rank holders (100% monthly tuition fee off)

Chairman’s scholarship

Class wise second rank holders (50% monthly tuition fee off)

Valley View School Scholarship

Class wise third rank holders (30% monthly tuition fee off)

Class wise fourth rank holder (20% monthly tuition fee off)

Special Awards

SEE topper of the year

  • private Institution


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