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Global College International : A Levels

Baneshwor 31, Kathmandu

1 - 12


Global College International (GCI) runs the Cambridge A-level on a frame of international curriculum with consistently updated syllabus delivered in latest models of student-centered interactive pedagogy as advanced by Cambridge University. The College prepares school students for life, helping them to develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. 

Global College International (GCI) was established in 2009 A.D with a vision to serve the nation with world class and bench marked education. GCI institutes academic programs of truly international nature. The best fitted programs are set into state-of-the art quality leading to academic excellence as contextualized within student-centered educational models. 

The selectively professional educators, faculty and managing teams of GCI work beyond the call of hour in facilitating young generations not only to get exposed to innovative academic environment but to understand and enhance learning by use and creation of environment on their own. 

The promising academic set-up offers students at GCI the globally fitted education conducive for generating knowledge and skills that enable the young ones to explore real-life career while educating themselves for living and thriving through today's and tomorrow's fast changing global contexts. 

GCI undertakes considerable responsibilities in running different educational programs in streams e.g.; Science and Technology, Computer Science, and Management Administration in addition to Cambridge A-Level delivered to offering an opportunity for scholars to acquire formally accredited, academically confident, and professionally competent standing in course of time to transform themselves as ethically, socially and culturally sound citizens. 

The core academic framework of GCI A-Level is collaborative, and it provides an integrated educational experience as instrumental to developing students with self-learning interest and team leading acumen for leading a high academic profile career in future. 


The vision of Global College International is to be a pioneer of global education and a reputed learning center of academic excellence set onto bench-marking with teaching and learning framed on innovative pedagogy of research and self-explorative education. 


Global College International has a mission of using market-friendly, accessible, flexible and innovative advanced school and higher education and exclusively focused management programs as the key tools. GCI aims to develop academically and professionally skilled scientists, technology experts, managers, entrepreneurs, market leaders and socially valuable sound citizens who would be able to grasp local, national and as well international market opportunities and contribute to serving the nation and not least transnational and international societies.

Salient Features

Conference Hall 

The conference hall is a techno-equipped place where co-curricular activities such as science conferences, presentations, talk shows, exhibition, and other group events are organized.

Computer Lab

GCI has a technically supported and well equipped computer lab consisting of branded LED computers with unlimited internet facilities.


GCi provides updated and resourceful library facility to assist making teaching-learning process.


The cafeteria is perfectly hygienic with professional staff cooking standard menu on breakfast, snacks and main courses.

Research Center

GCI encourages students to conduct research into the fields of science and technology, social sciences and management studies and other various areas with provision of facilities and assistance through the college.

Innovation Center

GCI nurtures the budding talents of students who are into robotics, web designing and programming and various other innovative works.


The students at GCI are exposed to ample opportunities in indoor as well as outdoor games such as Futsal, cricket, basetball, badmintion, table tennies, wood ball, and more.

Admission Guidelines

Students who have taken the SEE/IGCSE/O level/ CBSE/IBMYP or equivalent at the time of admission can apply. The main requirement is academic ability to fulfill the rigors of this challenging program. 

Each year Global College International uses a comprehensive evaluation system to select a highly motivated group of students to join the program.


Global College International offers partial financial aid to a limited number of deserving meritorious candidates and the one who demonstrates need in various categories.


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