Kathmandu Pragya Kunja School

Sangam Chowk,Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Kathmandu Pragya Kunja School located at Sangam, Chowk, Baneshwor is one of the finest activity-based schools in the Kathmandu Valley. 

KPKS is dedicated to nurturing young minds with intellectual knowledge, practical skills, and tech expertise promoting value and skill-based deep learning where students become responsible for their learning so as to position themselves distinctively in the dynamic global context. To provide rich, engaging activities and value-based experiences through competent faculty and a techno-advanced environment for the holistic development of students.


Kathmandu Pragya Kunja School is one of the dynamic and progressive institutions offering a balanced and integrated curriculum and individualized personal care to all the students.


  • Promoting the value and skilled based deep learning 


Salient Features

  • Competent faculty and techno advanced environment. 

  • private Institution