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Everest Florida Secondary School/College is located in Shantinagar Gate, Kathmandu. Everest Florida Secondary School/College has been established with an objective to lay a strong foundation in plus two (+2) level, making students disciplined, self-reliant and competent in choosing their academic disciplines in future which in turn will assure them a lifetime success.

The establishment of Everest Florida Secondary School/Collegel is an outcome of a conspicuous and zealous co-ordination of highly professional and renowned personalities in the realm of education. Everest Florida is embellished with leading faculty members and equipped with modern, well-designed, furnished and spacious building with all modish facilities focussed on maintaining quality education.

Team florida is committed and dedicated to providing support and Academic atmosphere to the students for translating their dreams into realities.

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Everest Florida Secondary School

Florida Building, Shantinagar Gate-34

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Shantinagar Gate-34 Kathmandu