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Education has a vital role to play in moulding, shaping, sharpening and directing an individual, the society and the nation towards the attainment of the desired goals.

Tomorrow's society will be guided by the kind of education we provide to the students today. The educational institutions must act upon the challenges of the time and prepare the citizens for a satisfying future. Bearing this philosophy in mind, REHDON was incepted in 2000 to provide quality education that should include the following aims.

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Rehdon Secondary School and College
Samakhusi, Kathmandu, Nepal
Post Box: 9960

Salient features

Salient Features

  • Academic Access: +2 (+2 Science, Management, Humanities)
  • Package program for special interested group (SIGs)
  • Highly qualified, trained and experienced teaching faculties
  • Modest sized classrooms with sound learning enviornment, library, laboratory, computer and other resources to faculitate the development of the faculty
  • Students' wellfare and counseling services (academic, personal, career, job and higher education)
  • Periodical meetings and interactions with guardians for reviewing and analyzing the progress of the students
  • Wide range of scholarships, awards and incentives for deserving students
  • Internet and email services
  • Cafeteria and deluxe transporation facilities
  • Co/extra curricular activities
  • Affordable fee structure, etc.

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