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Samriddhi School

Banasthali, Balaju, Kathmandu

PG - 12


Samriddhi School can be found in Binayak Basti, Balaju 16, Kathmandu. Its objective is to offer K-12 education that serves as a model for the learning community. The school values diversity and acknowledges that every young student is distinct and should be treated as an individual with unique qualities.

The school strives continuously to assist every child in realizing their complete potential and exploring new avenues for learning. Its dedication lies in creating an exceptional learning atmosphere for students, empowering them to prosper in an intricate and ever-evolving world, becoming increasingly interconnected with each passing day.

Samriddhi School fosters creativity, treating children as individuals rather than automatons, thereby making each child feel unique and valued. The school believes in limitless learning and always encourages the exploration of new concepts. It is a 21st-century institution where learning is enjoyable and enduring.

The school is dedicated to inspiring and motivating students to attain the highest standards of intellectual development and personal growth by means of a comprehensive and stimulating educational program.

The focus of the school will be on Science, Technology, English, Mathematics, and Arts, as well as other essential areas. By incorporating technology in education, Samriddhi School optimizes the efficiency and effectiveness of both teachers and students.


Samriddhi School envisions itself as a dynamic and inspiring educational institution that sets an example for the learning community. It is committed to provide an outstanding learning environment to it's students, to enable them to excel and thrive in a complex, constantly changing world, getting more interconnected by the day.


The mission of Samriddhi School is to produce lifelong learners with a value system that turns them into good human beings. Honesty, integrity, and sincerity are values that form the strong foundation on which the school builds an educational process, culminating in academic and personal success of students. It makes use of the best educational practices and a rich curriculum. It plans on collaborating with all stakeholders including students, parents, families, business houses, civic organizations, higher education institutions and the community at large. 

Core Values

Building quality lives and strong culture through:

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity


Based on the school's Core Values of strong culture, compassion, excellence, integrity, respect, responsibility, service, and teamwork, Samridhhi School believes students learn best and become contributing, productive members of society through:

  • Highly engaging, rigorous and relevant instruction
  • Varied and rewarding educational experiences
  • An environment that prompts them to grow academically, socially, and personally
  • Being part of a safe, invigorating school environment
  • Involving students’ families & communities in the process of education, thereby enhancing learning & academic achievement

Salient Features

  • World class infrastructure to meet the challenging demands of the learning community
  • Healthy and hygienic environment
  • E-Learning facilities
  • Techno-savvy atmosphere with multimedia teaching technologies
  • Well-equipped digital classrooms
  • Well rounded sport facilities with full time faculty/ coaches
  • Efficient first aid system with regular medical checkups
  • Well stacked library and reading rooms
  • Audio-visual conference rooms
  • Spiritual and holistic education to bridge the gap between intellect & emotions
  • Life skill education to enable the child to face potential challenges with complete self-confidence
  • Orientation programs for parents
  • Collaborative learning and project-based learning
  • Competent faculty, re-equipped with regular refresher training
  • Frequent visits of guest faculty from within Nepal and abroad
  • Interactive learning to develop communicative and social skills
  • Abacus training
  • Various club activities to develop the inherent and creative talents of the learners

Smart Classroom

Smart class is an innovative methodology which aims at transforming the teaching techniques from a traditional, industrious method of verbal explanation to a very interactive and graphical presentation making teaching more interesting to the teachers and learning smooth and fun for the students.


The school provides a spacious library with a well indexed stock of story books, text and supplementary books, newspapers and magazines. It opens the doors of world of reading to the students. There is also a Resource room attached to the library with more computers available for student access.

IT and E-learning

Samriddhi School understands the current trends and believes in leaving no stones unturned to educate its learners in all areas. ICT is an integral part of the curriculum. It is taught as a stand-alone subject from class I onwards and also woven throughout the curriculum all through the student’s schooling. The school has information and communication systems to assist learning. It aids them with Computer studios that have high-grade computers and multimedia projectors, interactive smartboard, a 3D printer and carefully monitored and filtered internet connectivity. Each student is provided with his or her own workstation and access to an individual computer. 

Career Guidance and Counselling

A qualified Career Counselor guides the students to recognize their talents and aptitudes. Only an expert can introduce the learner to his or her potential and put a stop to the chances of going astray. Samriddhi School ensures that a proper counselling propels the learners towards success. 

Personal Counselling:

Some of learners have special physical, social, emotional or academic needs. They require a special program of structured support and work. With the consent of parents, the school keeps those learners in the guidance of professional counselors who help them deal with their temporary and long-term difficulties.


A modern well-stocked cafeteria provides hygienic and nutritious lunch and snacks to the students and teachers as well. The cafeteria provides light nutritious snacks at reasonable cost. It is accessible to students during their break and after school. The school’s Android and iOS app lists daily menus and nutritional information, giving students the chance to plan their meals with ease. Similarly, the smart payment system makes students free from carrying cash every day.

Transportation Services

The school provides transport facilities on specified routes. These buses operate under the safety vehicle scheme which ensures that students reach home safely and securely. Parents and guardians can track the vehicle movement from their mobile phones with school app and learn the precise location of school buses.

Physical Education

The Physical Education and Games classes throughout the year are an integral part of the school curriculum, which truly energize the learners. Samriddhi School makes a point of educating its learners beyond the regular curriculum. Its co-curricular activities edify them with learning in discipline, fitness, team spirit and confidence, and help students develop a well-rounded personality. The objective is to help them develop all qualities that are required to master the art of living and to be their own gurus.The sporting facilities offered in Samriddhi school are:

  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Yoga and Meditation

Field Trips

Giving the students a chance to learn and enjoy themselves, the field trips and outings also provide an outlet for the learners.

Arts and Dramatics

These activities develop an aesthetic sense among the learners and provide them a stage to express their talents, ideas and abilities.

Public Speaking

Through debates and elocution, the students are trained and encouraged to be able to confidently express their views and ideas.


The following clubs help learners develop their overall personality and leadership skills: Science Club, IT Club, Sports Club, Cultural Club, Book Club, High School Club. Etc.


Music serves as an aesthetic and an audio experience. This experience basically involves the mind in an appealing way with the help of sounds. Music is also regarded to be an important part of the curriculum, for the role that it plays in understanding different cultures. Music is a true demonstration of traditions, community culture, aspirations and accomplishments of humankind.... for in music, are embedded various custom values and beliefs of the common man. Samriddhi has the Nepali and Western Music studios that cater to both, choral and instrumental music from the Pre-Primary to senior wings.


Samriddhi School believes that dancing in all its forms must be included in the curriculum of all noble education. Dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words and with expressions sets its education at a pace apart. The dance studios of Pre-Primary, Primary and Senior wings are fully equipped for various dance form national and international. They are spacious enough to allow staffs and students to choreograph works for stage performances and competitions.

The Leaders in Me Program

For the first time in Nepal Samriddhi School is introducing the Leaders in Me program, a process based on 7 Habitat of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey which transformed the school systems around the world and benefited all. The leader in Me draws up on the talents of the whole school-all staff members and all students-and optimize the support of parents and community. The process seeks to develop the whole person-mind, body, heart and spirit. Samriddhi School is fully prepared to start The Leader in Me program and is equipped with resources brought from the USA.

Virtual School Program

Samriddhi School has Virtual School Program (VSP), a user-friendly online system that provides teachers, students and parents an exclusive access to all information concerning:(Parents are informed of all important announcements through e-mail/ SMS/ and Alerts.)

  • Student and Parent Data
  • Cumulative Attendance
  • Class Time Table
  • School Syllabus
  • e-Learning module
  • Schedule for Assessments
  • School Calendar and List of Holidays
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Results
  • Intensive Updates on Class Assignments and Home Assignments
  • School Circulars and News
  • School Events and Activities
  • Vehicle Tracking

Admission Guidelines

For Grade XI

Students who passed the SEE or equivalent with required criteria are eligible for admissions to the grade XI program. A strict admission process is in place to uphold the school’s tradition of excellence in academic, the arts and athletics. Faculty and authorities share the responsibility for student selection. Student selection is based on academic and non-academic considerations. Admission criteria includes scholastic performance, test scores in entrance examinations and reports of demonstrated talents and interests.

For Other Classes

Admissions to other classes are on the basis of a written test and performance in previous schools. The age of admission to Nursery is 3, i.e., the child should have completed 3 years on or before 1st May of the year of admission.

Documents to be produc

For Grade XI

  1. Duly completed registration form
  2. Two passport size photographs
  3. Original Transfer Certificate
  4. Duly attested copy of SEE Mark Sheet

For Pre-School

  1. Duly completed registration form
  2. Three passport size photographs
  3. A copy of Birth Certificate (Original to be produced for verification)

Additional documents to be produced by students seeking admission from Grade I to IX

  1. Original Transfer Certificate
  2. Duly attested copy of last school Progress Report Card


​Kathmandu Business Campus
​Kathmandu Business Campus
  • Banasthali, Balaju 16, Kathmandu
Samriddhi College
Samriddhi College
  • Lokanthali-16, Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur