“Art of Joyful Parenting” at Samriddhi School



Kathmandu:  Samriddhi School organized a training program on "Art of Joyful Parenting" for pre-school to grade III parents. 

According to CEO/Principal Mr. Naresh Prasad Shrestha, the main objective of this training program was to impart parenting education to parents for the betterment and overall growth and development of their children. 

The program was facilitated by resource persons Mr. Indra Gurung and Mrs. Razee Shrestha Gurung. Both Mr. and Mrs. Gurung are experts and master trainers on coaching, psychology and holistic development. 

In the session parents were trained on various aspects of parenting including "subconscious mind programming".

A parent of Grade Three (III) and Junior KG, Sandeep Shrestha told that the training was an eye opener for him and learned a lot from the training program.  He asserted that the training was simple and straight forward and gave him many insights which he can apply to his children in daily life for their progress.