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Samriddhi College is located in Bhaktapur and is offering B.Sc CSIT, BBS and BSW program in affiliation with Tribhuvan University.

Samriddhi College seeks to combine the best of Eastern and Western academic traditions in order to provide the highest-quality education in Nepal and throughout the world.

Started by a group of experienced, international educators, Samriddhi College offers an enhanced curriculum that fills the gaps found in current institutions, readying our students for challenging work the day they graduate.

The Samriddhi Experience:

  1. A student-centered environment enhancing individual development.
  2. An atmosphere of empowerment, critical thought and creative reflection.
  3. Helping students realize their unique talents and abilities.
  4. Inspiring and creating future leaders in all fields.
  5. An expanded curriculum meeting today’s global needs.
  6. An open, dynamic relationship between faculty, students, parents, community and the world.

Salient features


Samriddhi is very proud of its large library filled with hundreds of books, magazines, journals, maps and DVD’s covering diverse subjects from around the world. We believe the library should be the center of knowledge, curiosity and wonder, engaging our students as well as the local community in all areas of knowledge and understanding.

Computer Lab

Samriddhi is very proud of its state-of-the-art computer labs. Currently, we have two labs, each containing 24 high-tech computers. Our computers are available for our students during tech classes, as well as throughout the day. We believe in the importance of having the most up-to-date technology for our institution, and we champion our students’ curiosity both as a group and individually.

Samriddhi also welcomes computer experts from around the world. These various experts give workshops on different technical subjects and programs used both in Nepal and throughout the globe.

Student Counselling Service

Samriddhi College counsels students in all aspects of their lives. We create a warm, open environment, enabling students to share their hopes, desires, and fears. We help students make wise decisions for a new age, and counsel them as they move forward. We are not just faculty; we are mentors for life.

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Scholarship information

100% Scholarships for 10 students in BSW program.

Message from College

Manohar Kumar Bhattarai picture

Mr. Manohar Kumar Bhattarai


First off, let me extend you all a warm welcome to Samriddhi!Samriddhi College was established with a mission to equip students with competencies they need to thrive and grow in an ever competitive economic landscape. Our approach to educational excellence is primarily rooted in the belief that students need to have both character and credentials to lead successful lives and play roles of good citizens contributing to greater good of the society. This explains the holistic approach we embrace in carrying out our academic activities and engaging with our key constituents – students, parents and community at large. Our academic portfolio spans a range of domains including Information and Communications technologies (ICT), business studies and social-works.We at Samriddhi believe that there are cross-learning opportunities among students and faculty across the range of academic streams that it offers leading to holistic learning outcomes. Along those lines, we have strat
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