Ambition Academy Secondary School

Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu


With the slogan "Excellence with Care," Ambition Academy Secondary School was founded in 2060 B.S. and is a member of the Higher Secondary Examination Board (NEB). It has been operated since 2063 with the assistance of a highly qualified and committed staff of teachers and under the direction of an enthusiastic and professional management team.

Ambition Academy Secondary School is situated in Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu, which is excluded from the city's bustle and has a soothing atmosphere of nature and open spaces. 

The goal of Ambition Academy Secondary School is to support students in realizing their full potential in all facets of the academic experience. The school's two most valuable assets are its talented faculty and students. They believe that there is no limit to what they can achieve. While it has high expectations and ambitions of students, it also knows that for them to succeed, it needs to provide a caring, supportive and challenging environment in which they can grow and flourish.

The school stresses to all of the young people that what really matters is not gaining qualifications for their own sake but learning – always being open to personal growth, having a mindset that welcomes and tackles problems, and being resilient when times get tough. The school strives to ensure that young people leave Ambition Academy with a set of values and perspective on life that leads them to succeed in whatever they wish to do.


The main goal of the academy is to provide an exciting, challenging, and loving environment that allows everyone to reach their potential while providing quality in education.


Every student may find and achieve their potential in an environment provided by Ambition, and the organization is dedicated to building constructive relationships with parents, professionals, and local organizations to advance education as a collaboration between home and school.

Salient Features

  • Offers not only healthy, clean, pollution-free surroundings, but also the perfect environment for healthy and sensitive growth of young impressionable minds, their morale, emotional, aesthetic, and spiritual beings.
  • Modern physical facilities, conventional lab and equipment, a library with enough books, computerized documentation, committed professionals and employees, a counseling department, hardworking students, and helpful parents.
  • Ambition Academy offers an extraordinary number of opportunities, both within their taught curriculum and beyond.
  • This is a proven school with great spirit and a sense that anything and everything is possible.
  • It is family-oriented and believes that working in partnership with families is the best way to train students for mission, service, and leadership. Parents provide awesome leadership and assistance in making this institution a great place for children.


Ambition College
Ambition College
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