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Global School of Science (GSS), under the ownership of Global College of Management, is an exclusive center of +2 science established in 2019, prepares every individual to be educated in science and technology and use its core subjects of intellectual significance as valuable assets for life to advance within the fast-emerging technological cultures.

Why study Science at GSS?

Since GSS is committed to delivering exclusive science education, its program is uniquely designed with regular weekly assignments, merit-based scholarships, and ICT-based classrooms where learning is ensured in the right process for the right objectives. GSS endeavors to deliver science at par with the excellence of academic benchmarks having national and international repute. Within the collaborative systems, the institution operates the science program in compliance with the national curriculum, also incorporating the international academic and intellectual skills prioritized at GSS for innovation in teaching-learning systems, patterns, and practices.

Fee Structure

The Global School of Science's fee structure is compatible with the global standard, and students can utilize the opportunity to study in different scholarship schemes. There is a very famous top 25 Meritorious Full Scholarship scheme for the most deserving students. In addition, students have SEE (GPA) based scholarship schemes available. For more information about the fee structure, individuals are encouraged to visit the college in person.

Specific Facilities, Infrastructure, And Resources

Along with all the regular facilities typical of a science college, GSS boasts world-class laboratory facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology. Students participate in over 30 different Extracurricular (ECA) and Co-Curricular (CCA) activities, made possible by our spacious ambiance located in the heart of Mid-Baneshwor. The teaching approaches at GSS prioritize student-centric methods, effectively guiding practices for students to experiment, demonstrate, and apply science as a skill-building process to successfully navigate new technological changes and challenges.

The academic systems and teaching-learning practices at GSS are developed in alignment with the constructivist principles of education, emphasizing awareness, autonomy, and authenticity for both highly talented and below-average students. The institution guarantees individual learners a space for self-efficacy practices, increasingly necessary for the development of scientific acumen within learning communities enrolled at GSS.

Committed to interactive curricula, GSS remains steadfast in its dedication to providing each student with experiential learning experiences complemented by lab-supported practical courses as special features of science education. Consequently, the institution anticipates scholars to comprehend science comprehensively as a specialized learning course, achieved through seamless educational exposures, thereby enabling them to attain quality learning outcomes. For more information about the nature of the Plus Two program, individuals are encouraged to visit Global.

Admission Procedure for +2 Science at Global School of Science

Candidates must have passed SEE or its equivalent with a 2.4 GPA or higher.

Specific topic grade standards must meet the minimum requirements established by NEB: D+ in English, Nepali, and Social Studies, C+ in Science and Math.

Students willing to join GSS, an exclusive +2 for Science Education, should follow the following procedures. 

  • Registration: One can register online with the links available on facebook page, website or visit the college for inquiry and registration. 

  • Qualifying Exam: The registered students must attend qualifying test the date of which they receive upon registration. 

  • Booking seats: Qualified students are notified about the due date within which they can reserve seats for themselves by depositing certain amount of fee.

Course Composition of +2 Science

Biology – 1 Group 

Biology – 2 Group 

Physical Group 








Social Studies 











+2 Science Class Shift

10:30 AM to 5:15 PM (8 periods a day)

Weekly Test

While we make every possible effort to combine best students with best faculties, it's important that we set certain parameters on the basis of which the quality is delivered and measured on tangible terms consistently. We understand WEEKLY TESTS and their RESULTS are the most important indicators of ascertaining students' progress. Concerning the same, please observe the following schedule.


Test Day 

Results Day 


Follow Up 




SMS/Phone Call 





SMS/Phone Call 


Note: The last four periods for grade XI and five periods for grade XII shall run as usual on Weekly Test days.  

Key Information: 

  1. No student is allowed to remain absent on test days except on emergencies relating to medical grounds. In any case of failure, he / she must report by 7:30 the following day, (i.e. Monday for XI and Thursday for XII) and sit for the exam. 

  1. Two copies Monthly Report (Mark Sheet) of Weekly Tests is delivered to the parents/guardians at the end of the month. In addition, the parents are informed regarding monthly report card by SMS/phone calls.  

  1. They are requested to observe them and duly return to college a copy of Mark Sheet with their signature as a mark of acknowledgement while they can keep a copy with themselves. 


Global School of Science conducts numerous ECA and CCA. These programs chiefly aim at developing confidence, commitment and leadership skills in students. We strongly believe that being a crucial team player is as important as individual merits and talents. As such, students here can participate in the following programs.

Sports related

Intellect related 

Culture related 

Skill related 

GSS Sports Meet 

Explore Idea 

Orientation Program 

Art Competition 

GSS Summer Futsal 

Result Distribution 

Welcome Program 

Singing Competition 

GSS Summer Basketball 

Poem Competition 

Farewell Program 

Public Speaking Competition 

GSS Football Tournament  

Quiz Contest 

Saraswoti Puja Celebration 

Presentation Competition 

Volleyball Competition 

Career Counselling 

Annual Picnic 

Case Analysis Competition 

Table Tennis Competition 

Book Making Competition 

Teacher’s Day 

Painting Competition  

Cricket Tournament  

Newspaper Making Competition 

Parents/Guardians Meeting 

Report Writing 

Chess Competition 

Speech Competition 

Singing Competition  


Badminton Competition 

Field Visits 

Dance Competition 


Road Race 

Educational Excursion 

Achievements Celebration 


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