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New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
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Salient Features


With their acquired specialized knowledge and skills in education pedagogy, the faculty members at Chelsea International Academy serve as guides and allies in students' academic pursuits. The institution boasts one of the country's finest faculty sets, with decades of experience and a proven track record in delivering hands-on, scientific, and knowledge-based education.


The state-of-the-art library at Chelsea International Academy is certified by the Cambridge Assessment International Education, offering a plethora of scholarly sources curated by renowned scholars. Students are encouraged to frequent the library to cultivate enthusiasm for learning, as it provides a resource-rich environment. The library offers access to a wide range of resources including international magazines, supplementary books, course materials, reference materials, and preparation books for competitive examinations.

Sports And Recreation

In recent decades, sports activities have surged in popularity in Nepal. Chelsea International Academy organizes periodic training sessions for students in various sports, led by renowned coaches and instructors. Regular sports events are integrated into the curriculum, utilizing our on-campus facilities including a Futsal ground, Basketball court, Badminton court, and Table Tennis court. Numerous students have achieved success, earning medals and prizes in both national and international sports competitions.


Educators believe that laboratories are important means for the interaction with the materials to observe and understand nature. Keeping in mind the need and essentiality of gaining knowledge by experimenting and the importance of technology in today's world, Chelsea International Academy provides spacious and separate, modern and sophisticated laboratories that are constantly upgraded to meet cutting edge at international standards.

  • Physics Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Biology Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • IT and Research Centre Art & Design Studio


Chelsea International Academy provides a separate comfortable and affordable accommodation for boys and girls. The rooms are spacious properly furnished with cupboards, studying table, and low and single beds with limited number of students in a room with following facilities:

  • Laundry and toiletry are well managed.
  • Enough attention and care is given to hostellers, with extra attention to physically and academically weak students.
  • Students have access to computer lab, library and movie hall as per the scheduled time table.
  • Food with balanced composition is provided as per the hostel menu.

Dining Hall And Cafeteria

Chelsea International Academy has in campus cafeteria and separate dining halls managed by the school itself. The cafeteria caters hygienic food to senior high school students and staffs and is constantly monitored by the college authority. The separate dining halls maintained and monitored by Food and Nutrition Coordinator provide food for all students and staffs of preschool to Grade 10.


Chelsea International Academy operates shuttle service for the convenience of students coming from in and around the Kathmandu Valley. This transport facility is also used for various educational purposes like field trips, industrial visits and recreations,


Admission Guidelines


No special degree is required for students who wish to enter the A-Level course. 

Students who have appeared SEE or equivalent at the time of admission can apply. Students who have completed the GCE O-Level or IGCSE at other schools are also eligible. 

The main requirement is that students should be academically able to fulfill the rigors of this challenging program. Each year Chelsea uses a comprehensive evaluation system to select a highly motivated group of students to join the program.

Plus Two

Admission in grade 11 is taken as per the requirements set by National Examinations Board (NEB). Fresh SEE graduates who fulfill the following eligibility criteria are eligible to apply.

Eligibility Criteria Min. GPA Min. C+ required Subjects Min. D+ required subjects
Grade 11 (Science) 2 Comp. Science and Mathematics Social Studies, Nepali and Comp. English
Grade 11 (Management) 1.6   English, Nepali, Social Studies and Comp. Science, Comp. Mathematics


Scholarship available on Merit and Need Based.  For more details, please visit the college.

About Us

Chelsea International Academy is a co-educational school, established in 2005, to make children well-rounded and self-dependent individuals. The school has been constructed on a sprawling campus with splendid infrastructural facilities in a tranquil and pollution-free environment at Jorpati, Attarkhel, Kathmandu for school section and GCE A Level at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. The entire gamut of activities in Chelsea International Academy reflects its objective of nurturing young children and making them responsible adults who can make a positive contribution to the world. A comprehensive academic and co- curricular program, experienced faculty members, personal attention and care, and state of the art infrastructure collectively ensure that the education a child receives at Chelsea International Academy is holistic and truly international.

By moving away from the rote learning and memory based model of the past, we are giving our students the opportunity to develop necessary life skills such as the ability to collaborate, listen, communicate effectively, to analyze quantitative and qualitative data to find meaning, to evaluate the possible outcomes of a scenario, and to make a moral decision from the perspective of another.

Founded and managed by distinguished members and humanities of society, the school trod on the path of progress with their visionary approach and lofty ideas. The school provides best possible management committee who are our constant beacon and source of strength, infrastructure and facilities for better education to the children without undue burden of parents. The exalted aim is to produce ideal members of society, ideal students with competent and balanced personality.


Chelsea International Academy has been following the motto “Vision through Virtue” sincerely since its inception. It has focused on inculcating high moral and ethical values amongst the students to ensure they become responsible citizens and good human beings. The institution emphasizes the practical aspects of course materials to ensure meaningful and interesting learning experiences, leading to academic excellence. Collaboration with industries, communities, and fellow institutions both domestically and internationally is actively encouraged with the aim of grooming professionals who embody the spirit of scientific thinking and serve as valuable resources for industry and society at large.

In an ever-changing world, it is essential that young people are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate challenges effectively. Through the schooling program offered under Chelsea World School, students at Chelsea International Academy develop essential life skills through practical, hands-on experiences. Additionally, the institution offers the internationally recognized Cambridge GCE A-Level program.

Chelsea World School

Chelsea World School is a schooling program of Chelsea International Academy. This school runs classes from Grade Nursery to Grade 12 based on the curriculum designed by National Curriculum Board of the Nepal Government. The school structure is ramified in three categories based on the diversity of teaching approach.

  • Pre-School
  • Basic School
  • Secondary School


Pre-School section introduces the early educatiori to children of age group in 3 to 6 years and is the first step into the organized education This section includes Nursery, LKG, and UKG and the school adopts both Montessori and conventional methods of teaching for pre- primary level students. Here at Chelsea World School, we are committed to creating a warm, friendly and happy environment for your child, while simultaneously assisting your child in developing a strong positive awareness of his/her identity. It is well known fact that the years prior to kindergarten are the most critical in inculcating children with optimal cognitive, social and ethical learning, and we are passionate about helping each child reach his/her fullest potential.

The curriculum at our Pre-School will expose the children to a wide range of experiences including art, music, movement, early literacy, math skills blocks and dramatic play, which are all integrated into our hands-on learning centers. The School has a separate play station, a baby pool and playing materials for small children which help them learn by playing.

Basic School

The basic school starts from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and includes the age group around six to early adolescents. At Chelsea World School, we prepare students to achieve their highest potential by providing an innovative, intensive academic preparation that inspires and educates students to the highest levels of academic knowledge and skills and develop proficiency gradually as they advance to upper grades. The school prescribes the curriculum designed by the National Curriculum Board of Nepal regulated by Ministry of Education. Apart from the curriculum, we provide the additional learning facilities such as project based, hands-on learning that connects to real world situations which obviously complements the learning environment. We challenge our students to explore, to create, to make responsible decisions and to actively participate in their learning. As students secure foundational skills and advance through the grades and the curriculum challenges them with an increased emphasis on problem solving and higher-level critical thinking skills.

Secondary School

This section starts from Grade 9 to Grade 12. All the courses for these grades are designed to meet the curriculum requirements of National Examinations Board regulated by the Ministry of Education, Nepal. Among the diverse courses enlisted by the Curriculum Development Centre, we offer very selective and competitive courses, which support and meet the need and interest of learners.

We facilitate modern and scientific teaching methodologies based on practical curriculum and well equipped class rooms that seek to enable students to cope successfully with the demands of higher education. A proven team of academic professionals will guide you to develop all essential qualities such as knowledge, skills, and habits of mind, which will equip you, to thrive in our increasingly complex and interconnected world. An efficient class room management with interactive teaching learning methodologies in a standard class room size will help you identify your Individuality and assure your successful academic accomplishment.

Message from the Chairman

Anand Aditya

A decade is not a long stretch for an institution, certainly not in the history of an organization which belongs to education. But the steady thrust that CIA (Chelsea International Academy) has somehow been able to make in half a generation despite all the odds it faced and is still facing, and the image it has acquired gives reason to hope it should go a long way and it can. 

Congratulations, therefore, to everyone concerned and involved – to the Principal and the Board Members, the prime movers of  VSS’s Mission; the teaching staff, the pillars; and the parents whose support it cherishes and deserves, but it was probably the students – the pulsating heart of the whole body – whose perseverance brought the remarkable performance this year, something we can be truly proud of and will, I am sure, carry the banner still onward in the days to come.

Anand Aditya

Message from the Program Director

Rajesh Adhikari

I feel proud to introduce the internationally acclaimed GCE A-Levels of Cambridge Assessment International Education, the UK at Chelsea International Academy. From the very first day of its inception, Chelsea has been proving itself as a premier A-level institution of the country. I feel delighted to inform that my students have been producing world-class results and few of them have been awarded the “World Topper” award by Cambridge on different occasions. The rigor of the A-Level curriculum has helped many students from Chelsea to get placement in top colleges/Universities of the world. The strong and well-established alumni of Chelsea stand as proof of the quality education that we provide here.

I take this opportunity to invite those who want to be part of this competitive world-class pre-university education at Chelsea International Academy.

I promise to provide the best resources with ample co-curricular exposures, proper guidance counseling with the perfect disciplined academic environment. Come and join us and be a “Proud Chelsea Soul”.

Rajesh Adhikari
Program Director