Capital College and Research Center (CCRC)

Koteshwar (Near Balkumari Bridge), Kathmandu
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Capital College and Research Center (CCRC), established in 2001 A.D., is an educational institution located near the Balkumari Bridge in Koteshwor, Kathmandu. It is affiliated with the National Examinations Board and provides Plus Two programs in Science, Management, and Law to its students.

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Salient Features


CCRC offers convenient transportation services at a reasonable cost for commuting to and from the college within the Kathmandu Valley. They strive to minimize any potential issues or disruptions related to the college buses. However, in exceptional circumstances, students may need to arrange their own means of transportation.


CCRC offers safe and affordable hostels within walking distance of the college, providing separate accommodations for boys and girls. The hostels have essential amenities, full board, and supervision for studying. A strong sense of community is fostered, with seniors guiding juniors. Facilities include a kitchen, dining hall, laundry service, and sports activities coordinated by senior boys.


Within the college premises, students can indulge in a variety of delicious food options at reasonable prices in the well-furnished and spacious cafeteria. CCRC prioritizes maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene standards for the food served.

Career Counseling

The counseling cubicle remains accessible year-round to offer genuine counseling services in various areas to students. Experienced counselors are available on all working days to provide assistance in academic, career, and personal/clinical matters.

Abroad Study Center

CCRC helps students explore study-abroad opportunities after graduation. The college provides assistance in finding majors, securing placements, scholarships, and support from professional experts. Many CCRC graduates continue their studies abroad, and students receive information about US universities through USEF staff.

Internet and Computer Lab

CCRC boasts a state-of-the-art computer lab equipped with a generous number of computers. Students can leverage these resources to enhance their skills and tap into a wealth of technological advancements typically found in larger institutions. While CCRC remains committed to harnessing the latest technological benefits for students, the college's educational scope extends well beyond technological breakthroughs.

Laboratories (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

CCRC features advanced laboratories equipped with high-tech apparatus for conducting scientific experiments in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students are provided with individual instruments in well-ventilated and spacious lab settings. Practical classes are conducted under the careful supervision and guidance of subject instructors.


The college offers a modern, well-equipped library that goes beyond a simple collection of books. It serves as a resource center, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to provide comprehensive support for teaching and learning. The library houses a vast array of textbooks, reference books, journals, research reports, news magazines, and newspapers. Additionally, students have access to a wide range of electronic and multimedia resources, enhancing their learning experience.

Preparation Classes

At CCRC, they offer Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering classes from Grade 11, helping students prepare for Medicine, Engineering, and other competitive exams. These classes have been part of the curriculum for 12 years, benefiting those interested in these fields. Their dedicated instructors, selected from renowned entrance preparation institutes, ensure effective teaching starting from Grade 11. They also provide model exams for the IOE/CEE Entrance Examination, with their students achieving top ranks. Additionally, they offer a Pre-CA course for Management students pursuing Chartered Accountancy, and pre-entrance classes for Law students aiming for the best opportunities in law colleges.

Clubs and Societies

At CCRC, they foster student engagement beyond the classroom with 11 vibrant clubs and societies. From the Eco Club, English Society, Prime Innovative Club, IT Club, Sports Club, Health Club, Art and Culture Club, Club of Humanity, Social Club, and Scientific Circle to the Literary Circle, students have a wide range of options to explore based on their interests and talents. These dynamic clubs and societies play a vital role in developing and enhancing students' skills, confidence, interpersonal relationships, leadership abilities, and teamwork. They strongly believe in connecting education with the community, and the clubs and societies actively participate in various activities such as blood donation drives, sanitation campaigns, relief efforts, tree planting initiatives, and social outreach programs for the elderly and orphaned. Throughout the year, they organize awareness programs that integrate human values into the education system. 

Admission Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria

(Only regular SEE students of this
year can apply.)


  • Minimum 2:40 GPA (Optional Mathematics is compulsory)


  • Minimum 2.00 GPA

Registration Form

Admission registration forms will be available at the front desk at CCRC. Students can visit the college on working days to collect the form. After filling out all the necessary information, students/parents must submit the form back to the college and get their admit card with their Entrance Symbol Number to appear in the CCRC Entrance Exam.

If students cannot visit the college physically, they can also apply online. However, the students who apply online must visit the college at least one day before the Entrance Exam to get their admit card and Entrance Symbol Number.

Entrance Test

Students, after successfully submitting the registration form (admission application form), who meet all the eligibility criteria of CCRC, can appear in the Entrance/Scholarships Test. The result of the entrance exam will be published generally on the next day of the entrance exam. The first list of the successful candidates from the entrance exam will be published on the college website and your mobile number via SMS and emails. The mobile number and the email you provide on the application form will be used for this purpose.

Admission Confirmation

After successfully getting your name on the entrance exam results list and receiving the admission acceptance letter, you will be eligible for direct admission. In some cases, students will be called for an interview, and the students/parents will be informed about the interview.

Note: Admission of the successful candidates from the entrance exam will be taken on a first-come-first basis until the CCRC quota is not fulfilled. Your admission procedure will be completed only after you pay the first installment of the college fee.


CCRC offers a wide range of scholarships for students to study at the +2 level (Science, Management, Humanities) in different categories. Scholarships depend mainly on the GPA achieved in SEE, score in the entrance exam, and performance in the term (internal) Exam. 

Scholarships will be provided to the candidates who will get admission acceptance letter after passing entrance exam on first come first basis, until the quotas are available.

Your scholarships will be mentioned clearly on the Admission Acceptance Letter. Scholarships obtained in Grade XI will also be provided in Grade XII, but to continue the scholarship students must pass each and every terminal examination.

For more information regarding scholarships available at CCRC, visit HERE.

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About Us

Since its establishment in 2001, CCRC has emerged as one of Nepal's leading colleges. Their exceptional students, impressive academic achievements, and successful placements, both nationally and internationally, reflect their commitment to excellence. CCRC recognizes that choosing the right college profoundly shapes an individual's character, influencing their thoughts and abilities to tackle important tasks. At CCRC, they take great pride in nurturing some of Nepal's brightest minds. Their students have made significant contributions across various fields worldwide, ranging from engineering, medicine, and finance to arts, sports, research, law, social work, and policymaking. Their accomplishments highlight the quality of education and support they receive at CCRC.

CCRC remains steadfast in its dedication to providing a high-quality learning environment that encourages individuals to explore their full potential. They have carefully crafted a pathway for the students, offering ample opportunities, personalized support, and guidance to help them achieve their aspirations. As a preferred choice for top-performing students, CCRC continuously strives to raise the bar. The collaborative and growth-oriented mindset fostered within the CCRC family has resulted in impressive results from the NEB board exams and numerous scholarships in medicine and engineering. Equally remarkable are their students' placements in prestigious national and international colleges and universities.

At CCRC, they have thoroughly considered the best course of action to ensure their students' prosperous futures and their development into empowered decision-makers for themselves, their loved ones, and society at large. CCRC presents a realm of opportunities, allowing you to explore your passions and talents during a transformative period of study. Their dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and specialized expertise will guide you along your journey toward achieving your goals, creating unforgettable memories during your time at CCRC.